What are symptoms that occur during the first week of pregnancy

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There will be no signs during the first week or pregnancy. Most women don’t even know exactly when they become pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-symptoms-that-occur-during-the-first-week-of-pregnancy ]
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What symptoms may occur during the first week of pregnancy??
Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen bre…

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What are ther FIRST pregnancy symptoms that occur?
Q: I was wondering wat are the first pregnancy symptoms that occur during like the first week you become pregnant. I called a pregnancy hotline and asked the lady a couple of questions and she told me that breast tenderness was not one of them. Quite frankly I dont think she knows what she is talking about. Thursday my breast were hurting and my nipples were tender. Till this day they still are. I had a clear like discharge..like mucus. But I heard that in first pregnancy that is common. But I just wanted some advice or opinions because the clinics are telling me its to early to test..so im just wondering is breast tenderness,frequent urnitation are the classic FIRST signs.
A: To be honest, I don’t know that it’s really easy to go by symptoms other people have had, it all seems to be so different. But then, that’s me speaking. I’ve not really had too many first trimester symptoms at all. Except for some nauseousness for awhile, or after a 14 hours flight especially.Most common ones though from what I’ve gathered have already be mentioned. Just know that you might not get text book symptoms, in fact, you might even experience something new.How early is too early to test? I do believe 2 weeks after intercourse, you can test. Even more accurately one day after your missed period. I always suggest actually waiting until after you’ve missed at least a day of your period. If anything to give the HCG time to show. Oh and with FMU!
Stabbing pain on one side of my pelvis during pregnancy?
Q: Twice during my pregnancy I’ve experienced an excruciating, stabbing pain on one side of my pelvis. The first time it happened, I was only about 24 weeks. I was awoken from sleep to what can only be described as a burning, ripping apart of my insides. It was so great that I became nauseous and couldn’t even scream for fear of vomiting. The pain lasted about 15 seconds and lingered in the area once it became less intense for about an hour. This exact pain only occurred once, until I experienced it again two nights ago. It was the same exact pain. I’m now 36 weeks. The first time it happened I alerted my doctor and he told me it wasn’t a big deal if there weren’t any accompanying symptoms. I scheduled another appointment for early this week to talk to him about it. I’m just getting sick of people telling me “oh, its no big deal”. I’ve had piercings, tattoos, kidney infections, pneumonia, and survived a car accident and out of all of those, this recent pain tops them all. It seems like a big deal…
A: I had something similar… only it was a sharp pain that lasted, off and on for quite awhile. The doctor said that there are many nerves and muscles in there that can be pinched and irritated by the baby. Turns out that my babies were grinding their heads into my left leg nerves and it was no big deal, as far as the baby was concerned. We all sacrafice alot for our babies, and this is just the beginning.
Are these things that normally occur during pregnancy?
Q: A little bit of history first.ok so i dont even know if Im pregnannt yet or not. I normally have very irregular periods so i never know when theyre coming. I was pg last yr. Lost it at 8 wks in April.Had D&C and had first period after the d&c after 41 days. After that they were every 33 days like clockwork for 5 months, then no period at all in november or december.Finally had a small one that started January 31st. And now nothing since.Ive taken tests and theyre all negative. SO I guess my questions are these: I know that constipation is a normal occurence but is it normal to go back and back forth so much from being regular to suddenly being constipated then fine the next day. Secondly whats up with all the gas? I cant have a BM but I sure do pass alot of gas!! Ok also I CANNOT sleep. for the last week, I just toss and turn and cant get comfy and wake up like every hour! Last ‘symptom’, I have NO, and I do mean NO interest in sex whatsoever for the last week or so anf that is NOT normal for me! So with all the neg results, Ive had, could they just be false negs or just too early? I do have a couple other symptoms like tender/heavy feeling breast but that changes every day. Some days they feel like bowling balls and dont dare touch them and then theyre fine and just like normal.OH and they go back and forth with being seriously itchy!! No other symptoms really though. So what goin in with my body? I had a friend tell me the breast thing is just hormonal. What does that mean?? Sorry for such a long post but i really dont want to buy another test just to see 1 line!the only other symptom I have is very mild and sporadic cramping for a couple days,more like just quick shooting pains that only last like 5 seconds, nothing like menstrual cramps. usually I dont get much cramps but enough that I can tell Im prolly gonna start soon.
A: Most of the early pregnancy symptoms are the same as PMS. If you do a search on PMS, you will find that constipation/diarrhea, insomnia, gas, are among the possible symptoms. Therefore, it is really impossible to know. Better is to wait a week, and retest if you don’t get AF.
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