What can help me get pregnant fast

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If you want to get pregnant fast, you have to have a lot of sexual intercourse. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-help-me-get-pregnant-fast ]
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What helps you get pregnant fast?
getting laid. that helps. the very fact that you wish to “get pregnant fast” is proof that you are not worthy to raise a child. may the 9 months you spend in pregnancy be your own personal hell.
Why You Need Help to Get Pregnant Fast – Don’t Do it Alone?
Not a lot of couples are as lucky as most are, which is why they need a little help to get pregnant fast. If you are one of those couples, it is not anything to be ashamed of, and it would only benefit you to ask for some external help. Mai…
How to Get Pregnant Fast – 3 Free Tips to Help You Get Pregnant F…?
When trying to get pregnant; a couple would usually have concerns if they remain unsuccessful after a couple of months. There is really no easy guide on how to get pregnant fast. While there are a number of different tips and practices one …

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What are some tips to Get Pregnant Fast?
Q: My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant, but we don’t want to go through the usual months of waiting that lots of couples do. What are some great tips to get pregnant fast?I am 25 and have no major medical issues. My husband is pretty healthy as well, so I don’t think we’ll have too many medical issues to deal with in getting pregnant. I just want to know what things we can do to help things work better in that department and help me to become pregnant easier.
A: I found a great website recently that has tons of information on this: http://tryingtogetpregnanttips.com . I have a friend that tried Pregnancy Miracle (you can read a review of it at the above site), and they got pregnant with their first baby after months of trying, finally.
How can I get Pregnant Fast?
Q: My husband is a United States Marine and is being deported to Japan in a month. If my timing is on these next two weeks are the days im most ferile, seein i have my period last weekWhat are some ways to get pregnant? like tips? I have been pregnant once before but i miscarried and would like some advice on how to create a greater chance of me getting pregnant.thank you for all your help!
A: You have good chances if you do it 14 days after you periods.Usually you will also observe lot of mucus when you ovulate.Lie down in the bed for about 30 min after having sex and put a pillow to support your back so that it stays inside you.I am also trying to get pregnent so lots of baby dust to us..
How can I get pregnant fast?
Q: I lost a tube by ectopic pregnancy. I just want to know if fertilAid can help me get pregnant if not what can help with just one tube?
A: As a nurse as well as a sufferer of secondary infertility, I am going to concur with one of the previous submitters and say yes, you do TYPICALLY ovulate from alternating sides month to month. So…You need to take your waking temperature every day, at as close to the same time. On the month you do ovulate from your existing ovary, you will see a temp rise. You should have intercourse on the day of the temp rise as well as for a few days following. A day or two before the rise – even better!!! If you end up tracking more than one cycle, you will likely see a pattern in your ovulatory months – thus allowing you to have intercourse a day or so prior to the temp rise.Another suggestion, try PreSeed. It aids the sperm in mobility. And, I have had success with it.I have also had success with the Clearblue Easy Monitor, but you want fast – and the monitor takes a few cycles to get to know your pattern. And, with only having one tube, it may not prove beneficial to you unfortunately.DEFINITELY try the PreSeed. ALSO, supplement your diet with B6 – this vitamin is know to be beneficial to uterine lining as well as to cervical fluid.And, finally, don’t OVERDO it… Sex on the two days before the temp rise, if possible, as well as the day of and a day or two after. More than once per day will decrease sperm count.Hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you wish, and definitely check out Fertility Friend – they offer free tracking online, and for a small fee they will highlight significant cyclical shifts in your fertility. Great site!
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