What does it mean when a girl dreams of being pregnant

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It means that you either want to have a baby, or that you are gestating a big idea that you wish to bring to fruition. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-a-girl-dreams-of-being-pregnant ]
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What Does A Dream About Being Pregnant With Twin Girls Mean??
Well I don’t want to say usually but in my experience when someone dream they are having a girl it boy and vic versa. With both pregnancies I dreamed I was having a boy and had girls.

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What does it mean when My friend and I both had dreams of me being pregnant in the same night?
Q: My friend had 2 dreams that I was pregnant and that I gave birth in the dream, in one dream it was a girl and the other a boy. I had a dream that I was holding my baby and washing her bottles and playing with her. She was wearing a pink shirt and dark pink pants. It was an amazing dream. What does it mean?
A: Very little, probably.
Dreaming of being pregnant with a baby girl, what does this mean ?
Q: So i had a dream last night that i was pregnant..my parents and my boyfriend were really happy. I wanted to know the sex of the baby but they never and got mad when i told them i was going to find out. I went to the doctor and she did the ultrasound she never spoke one word, she just handed me a sheet of white paper. On this white paper it had a pink posted note that said ” it’s a girl”. In my dream I was thinking how am i going to have my baby shower and get all pink things and not let my boyfriend find out that it’s a girl. I started to rub my big baby belly and then i woke up rubbing my belly and thinking that i was pregnant ? please i don’t want no stupid answer or anything..I just want to know the meaning of this dream ?
A: Google Dream Meanings.. you’ll be suprised on what you will find. Just know that the way you interpret one, could be totally different from the way I do!
what does it mean when you dream of a young girl (no one i know) who is very pregnant, crying and?
Q: arguing with someone(mother?) and about to jump off the side of a building. this was a very disturbing dream.
A: I’d say this is a new idea in you– a new life, new direction, but is an idea you’re about to ditch. The mom in the dream would also be a part of you who’s not ready to let this really imporant idea go. It needs to be protected, accepted, and nurtured.
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