What is a shot gun wedding

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A shotgun wedding is where one or both parties are forced into marriage due to an unplanned pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-shot-gun-wedding ]
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What is a shot gun wedding?
It’s a term that was used years ago to mean a wedding where the groom was forced (sometimes at gunpoint) to marry the bride, usually because the bride was pregnant.
How do I announce “shot gun” wedding?
Maybe you should send out the announcement and a day later send out the baby shower invites…try to make it something cute by saying “They really got a move on with starting their family!” or something. You know what I mean? T…
Do you think a SHOT-GUN wedding is tacky?
As long as the bride’s father doesn’t actually have a GUN pointed at the groom’s back during the ceremony, I don’t see the problem.

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Ladies is a few pints and a kebab then back to mine followed by a hangover and a shot gun wedding your idea of?
Q: a perfect night out, Coz thats what you get with the Zapper!
A: You had me at pints and a kebab.
What is a shot gun wedding?
Q: I was listening to a song and it said shotgun wedding so I was wondering what it was??? Oh and the song was called time to dance by panic at the disco. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Long ago in a galaxy far far away, it used to be a supreme disgrace for an unmarried girl to get pregnant. If the father of the baby wouldn’t marry her and the girl gave birth to the baby, it was unlikely that she’d ever get married if she kept the child. The child was subject to the disgrace of illegitimacy, and you better believe that for anyone who was middle class or upper class, that shame could be extreme. The term “bastard,” which means a person who is illegitimate, was a deadly insult. (A double insult, because it was a whammy against the person who was illegitimate and that person’s mother, implying that she was a person of loose morals.)If the unmarried pregnant woman was a young woman and the father of the child was young and single, pressures could be brought to bear on the father to marry the mother of his child before she gave birth, to avoid the stigma of illegitimacy. The girl’s father and/or brothers or other male relatives could and sometimes did threaten the father of the child with shotguns to persuade him to marry the girl. Ergo the term “shotgun wedding.”If the girl was pregnant by an already married man or by someone whose wealth and social position was a lot higher than that of the girl, the family dealt with it other ways. Abortion was illegal prior to the Roe vs. Wade decision, but that didn’t necessarily stop it. Girls whose families had at least some money had options– there were doctors who would perform abortions in their offices, quietly and strictly illegal, but medically safe. This cost a lot. If a girl’s family didn’t have the money for that, they could resort to what was called a “back-alley abortion”– usually performed by a doctor who had lost his license or a nurse or other medical technician who had some training, often under less than sterile conditions and without drugs.If that wasn’t an option, there was always the do-it-yourself approach: a desperate woman could resort to self-induced abortion using a knitting needle or coathanger. The result of that was frequently slow, agonizing death.Other ploys: the girl could go away, ostensibly to visit a relative or attend a school or training program, but in reality to a home for unwed mothers where she would give birth and give up the child for adoption– sometimes against her will.Some families resulted to subterfuge: the girl would go away to give birth, the family would move, and in the new location the baby would be presented as the (legitimate) child of a married female relative. Jack Nicholson, the actor, was raised this way: his grandmother raised him as the much-younger brother of his birth mother. Nicholson didn’t find out until he was an adult that the person he thought was his mother was his grandmother, and his sister was his real mother.
Shot-Gun Wedding : Yes Or No.?
Q: Seriously, folks. There is a young man and young woman out there who are about to pressured into what could be the 2nd biggest mistake of their young lives.You are or were once in HS. You had hormones. Show some compassion.How does the Internet stop this barbaric Alaska Shot Gun Wedding?
A: I agree with you. the wedding doesnt need to happen because they made a mistake.
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