What is the average weight gain of a pregnant woman

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A woman of average weight before pregnancy gains 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Underweight women should gain 28-40 lbs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-weight-gain-of-a-pregnant-woman ]
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How Much Weight Is Average for a Pregnant Woman to Gain??
・ The doctor will best be able to provide you with a healthy range by examining your pre-pregnancy weight… ・ The Mayo Clinic also provides general guidelines for women whose BMI is below or above average. If you…
What is the average weight gain for pregnant woman who are 20 wee…?
This is where I went to figure it out: whattoexpect.com Look under pregnancy, and they have a tool that’s called weight gain tracker. It’s really useful! ^_^
How early does a pregnant woman of average weight notice weight g…?
That’s entirely down to the individual. An average woman with average muscle tone may notice a thickening in her waist at around 10/12 weeks. By 5 months there is usually a neat bump. An average woman who has had one or more previous pregna…

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How much weight does a pregnant woman gain?
Q: This is for a health assignment, so I was wondering, what’s the average amount of weight a woman gains between when she’s first pregnant and being nine months pregnant? To those who were mothers, how much weight did you gain? What is the average weight gain between before getting pregnant and nine months? What’s the average weight gain in a pregnant woman?
A: I just learned about this in a health course this past summer. On average a woman will gain between 25-45 lbs…during the whole pregnancy…
what are some reasons a woman may fail to gain weight during pregnancy?
Q: i’m 21 and 17 weeks pregnant, i’ve read that a woman is supposed to gain 25-35lbs when she is pregnant if she is of average healthy weight.i was 145lbs before i got pregnant, now at 17 weeks i’m still the same!my doctor kind of acts like i’m doing something wrong and it worries mei don’t smoke, drink or do drugs i had an eating disorder when i was younger (12-18)but i’ve been recovered since and it hasn’t been an issue.i try and eat 6 times a day but can’t always managewhat could be a reason i haven’t gained any weight?
A: Poor diet and/or extreme sickness are the only things I can think of. I wouldn’t be too concerned yet, I didn’t gain any substancial weight until about 20 weeks. Now I am 30 weeks and have gained 22 lbs.
How much weight did you gain when you were pregnant with your first child?
Q: What is the “average” amount of weight that most women gain? Also how much do you lose a few weeks after the baby is born?
A: I had preeclampsia so I was sick with my first baby! I was 150 when I got pregnant and when I got weighted before I had him and I was 238! When I got home 4 days later I was180 pounds! Then now with the baby I am going to have at the end of the month. I was 151 before I got pregnant with him and I am now 212 pounds! Hopefully i loose a lot of this one! I look bigger in my stomach now then I did with my other baby! I gained weight other then my stomach when I got pregnant last time and I delivered 6 weeks early too! My stomach now is always being bumped cause it’s so big. :DNormally then would say your should gain only 35 pounds. But, everyone is different!
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