What is the best way to get my women pregnant

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The best way to conceive is to keep track of your ovulation. Most women it is around the 12th -16th day of your cycle. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-get-my-women-pregnant ]
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Which is the best way to get pregnant for women near 50 but witho…?
I know this is strange but; I actually know a lesbian who wanted a baby, but she did not want to have sex, so she invited one of her gay male friends over and asked him to show her what ejaculation looks like. He found it a strange reques…
What is the best way to get a woman pregnant(trying)??
First, find out when she is ovulating. This is when a women releases an egg. This only happenes one a month, and its best to have sexual intercourse at this time. If she have regular periods, then have sex on or around her fertile day. Her …
What is the best way for a woman in her 40’s to get pregnant??
If your periods are regular it may just take trying like evry other woman. During ovulation. If after 1 year you are unsuccessful, a fertility specialist may be needed.

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what is the best way to get pregnant women only PLEASE HELP?
Q: Hi i have problems with my monthlys i am on almost all the time which makes having sex difficult with bleeding all the time. I have tried pill, implant coil and dozenes of other things to help controll bleeding but none of the above and more helped. I am now wanting a baby so stopping precutions (coil at moment) make periods worse but what is the best way for me to get pregnant any help please
A: Hi there!You need to start charting your cycles and learn a bit about Natural Family Planning.Simply take your temperature every morning when you wake up. It will rise when you ovulate (around 14 days before your next period) and will stay higher until the end of your cycle. Once released you egg remains viable for just 12-24 hours.Also keep an eye on your mucus. It will become stretchy like egg-white as you approach ovulation. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days in this most fertile mucus.See www.fertilityfriend.com for more info.It sounds like your body needs a break from pills, coils etc to re-establish its own pattern. You may find Marilyn Shannon book ‘Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition’ a good place to start helping your cycles to get back on track.I doubt that you will be able to get pregnant while you are bleeding this much as the foetus will not be able to implant itself. Follow the advice in the above book, wait a few months and then start trying.I know how difficult it is when you desperately want a baby and are not able to conceive. But hang in there, it will happen!
what is the best workout dvd for pregnant women?
Q: I am three months pregnant. I feel better in general when I can get some sort of exercise but I am not sure what is the best way to go about that considering I am pregnant. I am not about to go lift some weights but I do want to do something like a video. My doctor said it was ok to exercise pretty much as long as I don’t get carried away and do high impact stuff.
A: i’ve heard that “fit mama” is a good workout, also prenatal yoga
the best way to get pregnant for larger women?
Q: i have had regular periods for the last four years, and my husband and i are ttc we have had no luck, sometimes i stress and it causes a missed period, how do i tell when im ovulating, infact what exactly is ovulation, what is the meaning? i haven’t been told that i couldn’t get pregnant, i am pretty much new to this whole thing. someone said i should try to cut out cheese and such? im willing to try pretty much anything. im starting a regular workout regimen tomorrow. i have a lot of sex and so far nothing, what is the bbt? an how does it help you know when to try? i would do it if someone could give me a detailed description of how i do it and how it works. what position could better my chances, just anything you can input to my situation would be a great help…ok the day my period ends, where do i go from there?
A: Since u told ur periods are regular, calculate the day of ur next periods, and usually ovulation occurs 14 days prior to the start of ur next periods. The symptoms could be light cramps in ur lower abdomen and cervical mucus would be clear and slippery. Or to be very correct use the ovulation predictor kit , it works on the LH surge, the level of lh shoots up 24 hours prior to ur ovulation, so by that u can determine when u ovulate correctly. BBT is basal body temperature, u could have a track of ur bbt and also determine the day of ur ovulation. Do not wait for the ovulation day to have sex, start to baby dance 2 to 3 days prior to ovulation to 3 days past ovulation, it will increase ur chances of geting pregnant. Try the doggy, many find it has helped in geting them preg. I have no idea abt cuting down on cheese, but i would say eat healthy food, and take folic acid tablets. It does not help u conceive , its just a vitamin suplement. All the best, lots and lots of baby dust to u and all.
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