What is the chance of pregnancy on the day a girl is ovulating

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Having intercourse when you are ovulating, and also on your peak fertile day increase your chances of becoming pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-chance-of-pregnancy-on-the-day-a-girl-is-ovulating ]
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What is the chance of pregnancy on the day of ovulation if my par…?
I’d say somewhat high. Pulling out is an ineffective method of preventing pregnancy. The fluid that comes out of a man’s penis before he ejaculates has sperm in it too.
Is there a good chance of pregnancy if you have sex the day of a …?
Of course there is a chance. But to improve your chances, have sex (if possible) the day before, the day of and the day after you reach your LH Surge. One more day for insurance. Remember that the sperm can live in a woman’s body for days. …
What is the chance of pregnancy when sex takes place 2 or 4 days …?
I just went off the pill 2 months ago, and I’m supposed to get an IUD next month. For the 2 months between my boyfriend and I have been relying on condoms, but one of them broke early Wednesday morning. I think I may have ovulated between F…

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chances of pregnancy using withdrawal method while a girl is not ovulating?
Q: I had my period the 23 of october. Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time we were both virgins. The sex only lasted 5 seconds he just slid it inside about 3 ins and out (probably since I gave him head about 10 seconds before). I was not ovulating at this time because it was just 9 days after my last period but when he took it out he came on his hand about a teaspoon of sperm. I know im probably pregnant, what can I do. Right now his freaked out just as me and he told me that we couldn’t do this no more that its not worth the pleassure. I dont know what to do right now…
A: Okay, first off if your period started on Oct. 23rd then today is the ninth day of your cycle. I’m not sure when you had sex, but honestly even the ninth day of your cycle would be pushing it. I seriously doubt your pregnant. You more than likely are not pregnant, but if you continue to stress like this you will end up missing your period due to stress and then you will only worry more.
Chance of pregnancy?
Q: As a mom of 5, YES 5 children, my partner and I after much discussion have decided that we would like 1 more baby. I am a little concerned that I may have trouble getting pregnant this time as I am now 32. My oldest child is 15 and my youngest is 4. I got pregnant with my youngest during my second cycle of trying. We have been trying for baby numba 6 since the end of my last period which started on 22nd Nov. My period is due 20th Dec so we had unprotected sex 3rd, 4th and 5th Dec knowing that I should ovulate on 6th Dec. We would love to have a little girl this time (but obviously health is more important)hence the sex a few days before ovulation.What I would like to know is what are my chances of conceiving now im in my 30s?Thanks
A: It sounds to me like you never really had a problem to begin with…And the 30’s aren’t a difficult time if you weren’t on birth control. I say just keep working on it and its likely you will keep your husband happy and get pregnant all at the same time. Good luck!
What are the chances of pregnancy after repeated eyaculation?
Q: This is the situation:I’m a very sexually active person, I used to date this girl for over a year, and we became boyfriend and girlfriend eventually. However this past weeks our relationship sort of collapsed, and we became what we can call “fuck buddies”. To be frank honest, neither of us liked to use condoms, maybe because of the feeling. In any way, I heard about safe sex and counting days and we have used it for over a year and never has failed. My concern now is that, this past week we calculated her ovulation due date to be on Monday 15th, so we avoided sex for that previous week up until Thursday. The previous day, I had a party and got drunk and i even ejaculated twice with some girl, i used a condom on her thought. That Thursday 18th, in the morning i had intercourse with my girl, and taking in account that she had ovulated, i ejaculated inside her. I even saw the cum flowing down her legs which was sort of disgusting by the way, LOL. Now, just today Saturday 20th she comes up to me and says shes ovulating right now!. I’m freaking out, i seriously don’t know what to do. My question is.. what are the chances she could become pregnant?, and how does sperm changes after repeated ejaculations? Does it have any effect on fertility accuracy or sperm lifetime? Furthermore, can I use Plan B? Please any information answer me! I’m desperate because i don’t want to take a step further with this girl. Any other extra information will be so appreciated. Thank You.
A: Sperm can live for 5 days in a fertile environment, so honestly this is a birth control system that you simply cannot rely on anymore. It’s probably too late for her to take plan B. However, unless she’s entirely regular, I’m not sure how she can be so sure when she is ovulating. You should probably ask her how she knows this. Meanwhile, get some condoms or you’re going to find yourself in this situation again, most likely. Good luck.
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