What is the most disturbing question you have ever been asked

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I had gained weight very fast due to my thyroid and this woman asked me how pregnant I was then argued when I said I wasn’t.ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-disturbing-question-you-have-ever-been-asked ]
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What is the most disturbing question you have been asked?
Death is not an option. What would you rather do: stick your whole arm inside a meat grinder, have a full sized dildo stuck up your urethra, drink one gallon of fresh warm diarrhea with a flesh eating virus, or fully fully rape a six month …

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What is the most disturbing question you have ever answered (excluding ones that i have asked)?
A: the one about the baby cages for salewww.babycage.netvery disturbing!
What was the most violent and disturbing thought you’ve ever had?
Q: I know I’ve asked this question before but the answers are always interesting so, screw it.
A: 7 years old,I thought about baking a chocolate cake with rat poison for my mom
What is one of the most disturbing dreams you have ever had?
Q: Wanted to hear yours, and share mine, if for no other reason than purposes of entertainment, but feel free to interpret mine too…So, this dream actually happened when I was in the hospital in real life. I was not in the hospital for any conditions myself, just in there as company for someone else who was admitted, but not for anything “serious”…So anyway, I went to sleep on a fold out couch in the room. In my dream, I was in the house I grew up in (my mom still lives there) and I was flailing throughout the living room. I was moving/jerking around and screaming and making weird noises like some sort of crazed lunatic, but it seemed to be beyond my control. It was as if I had some sort of severe mental and or physical handicap and couldnt really control or form my actions properly, as if I was having some sort of psychotic episode.Then my mom runs up and grabs me, and is kind of restraining me, but I am still screaming and resisting her. I was trying to ask what was happening, but could not form the question, only flail and scream. But it was like she knew what I was asking, because she started yelling back to me (yelling because she was physically struggling to restrain me and was upset) “Your my schitzophrenic, F-ed up son who ruined his life!” and as shes pulling me towards the back of the house she is still yelling and kind of crying but I cant remember what she was saying. I remember getting the feeling that I had caused this physical/mental handicap on myself from severe drug abuse/OD or something…As shes dragging me away, I see following behind her and ready to help a girl who I dated when I was younger, who was one of the former girlfriends who I truly connected with and cared about in my life. It was like she was still there and a part of my life, helping to care for me.Then I actually woke up for a few seconds (really woke up) back in to the hospital, was really disturbed but shook it off and fell right back to sleep again.I immediately go back into the same dream, only now I am in the upstairs of my house, on some sort of bed. My mom and that girl are in the room but standing directly over me is a doctor of middle eastern/Indian descent. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but something along the lines of he was going to help me, and “put me back to sleep into a better life” or something like that. I remember becoming aware that in this bed I was connected to various machines/equipment, and saw that he had a syringe in his hand. As he started to put the medicine into the IV to inject it into my body, I sort of like accepted my fate and went from a panicked state to a very calm and peaceful state. I looked at the doctor, and will never forget saying “make it a good one, Doc.” He smiled at me, and instantly I woke up back into real life. Freaked me out for days.RayneIts facinating. I think one of the key’s to your story is that your friend could verify some of the details of your dream. I believe that dreams/lucidity/obe will in the future be a scientific frontier that will be studied and evolve our culture, but we don’t yet have the technology or know-how to do this yet. But, what we do have is the ability to have different people validate having the same dream. And, I have read about some who claim they could have Out of Body Experiences (astral projection) were verified by the person going to sleep in one room, and the researcher placing a random card from a deck face up in another room, and when the person awoke after having the OBE, he could identify the card. You’ve got me on a dream kick today now…
A: Wow that’s a pretty sweet dream. Maybe with out that dream your waking life was about to take a turn for the worse? But fate had changed?The dreams that freak me out the most are recurring and past life dreams. I had a dream about a past life once that didn’t really freak me out because of the dream, but the confirmation with a friend who was also in the dream was freaky. I had this dream, and I was sitting in a grassy field– wearing a pair of jeans, and a button up shirt (like in the 60’s or 70’s) with my best friend. He had just told me how he felt about me, and I told him. “Don’t be silly we are friends” and he kept trying to tell me that he was my soul mate and that he hoped I would recognize him (as a soul mate) one day.After that a car pulls up with in shouting distance and there was a blond woman, who looked similar to me telling me to “HUURRRY” so i gather my things and get in the car– We go to this party– where I die. (I am not really sure exactly how– because I pretty much was there, and then I wasn’t– psychics have told me it was drug abuse, and one said I had a heart problem and drugs didn’t help) I remember seeing people mourn over me, and the guy from the beginning of the dream was really broken up, and I could hear everyone whispering about him, being scared that he was going to commit suicide because he was “crazy” about me. He came up to my body, and said “You’ll know me when you see me next time, I can’t be here with out you.”SO then– The dream kind of took a turn.. I was in this in between state of just light– and I see another light coming towards me, and it was the guy (My soul mate) saying.. “here I am.. whats next???” I was happy to be in this energy because I felt like I had been drifting a long time alone, I said “You know me, I like to live many lives” and he said “I guess we’re going back soon huh?” and I said “Well, I only want to go back if I can be with you this time.” and he said, “Okay, well.. I’ll go first, and when you cant stand being apart from me anymore, come down–we’ll meet when we are young” and I said “Well how long do I wait?” and he (she, it, the light) was gone and i woke up.I didn’t share this dream with anyone but about 3 years ago I went to a psychic, and she was telling me she was really surprised at how many past lives she thought I had, and how many I had died relatively young in, and how many had been in the past 200 years. She said I was addicted to living lives, and that my soul mate had a hard time keeping up with me, which is why in the past I had so many failed love lives and tended to be a lone soldier. Something that has carried on into this life. She said to me. You will be going back to water (I was in Chicago at the time) where it is warm (My ex and I were thinking about California at the time since my mom had just moved there and it was dead winter in Chicago). Your soul mate is there, and you already know him. Right now you know exactly who I am talking about he has “Joseph” in his name. This was confusing because my boyfriend at the time had Joseph in his name too– So I thought it was him.. So I was confused because we had a terrible relationship. But as she was talking, I kept going back to this dream and remembering my SM saying.. “You’ll want to know me when you see me.” (My ex went to this same psychic after I did, and she told him– I was not the one for him.. something he kept secret until about 6 months ago when we were talking about that day randomly) The next day was Christmas eve, and I got a call from an old friend and he said “Hey Chicago, its Orlando I miss going to the springs with you! Come back to Florida and visit soon! Merry Christmas Chicago!”About a year after that– My friend Carly called me in the middle of the night saying she had the weirdest dream about us living in the 60’s and I died– She pretty much explained her role in that day– Including picking me up from the Park where I was having a picnic with her a friend.A year after that, here I am. In Florida and his middle name is Joseph and I recognized him the second I saw him– I remember what he was wearing, and I remember saying to a friend– “I have to know him” and I did, though at the time I didn’t believe in SM’s– So 4/5 years later, we laugh at how drawn we were to each other, even before we spoke to each other.Dreams are weird mannn!
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