What is the percent of teens having babies as of today

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The CDC says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20. That makes for 750,000 teen pregnancies annually. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percent-of-teens-having-babies-as-of-today ]
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What is the percent of teens having babies as of today
The CDC says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20. That makes for 750,000 teen pregnancies annually. ChaCha!

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Will “Candie’s Foundation” be helped by this role model? GMA interview May 6 for Prevent Teen Pregnancy?
Q: She has a healthy baby boy who has just learned to sit up, but Bristol Palin said she’s using her fame to tell other teens to do what she didn’t do — abstain from sex. “Regardless of what I did personally, I just think that abstinence is the only … 100 percent foolproof way to prevent pregnancy,” she told “Good Morning America” today, backing away from a previous statement on Fox News that abstinence wasn’t realistic, saying it was taken out of context. The spotlight has been on the 18-year-old since her pregnancy was announced a few days after her mother accepted the offer to become the GOP’s vice presidential nominee. She’s now using that spotlight to promote a national campaign to raise awareness for teen pregnancy prevention. The daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was appointed as a teen ambassador for the New York City-based Candie’s Foundation because she believes she could be a living example of the consequences of teen pregnancy, which is foundation’s mission. Palin’s is a poignant message on this National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. “I don’t see myself as a celebrity; I don’t want to be one,” she said. “But I think using this experience in my life to help others, I think it’s a blessing.” Palin said telling her mother and father that she was pregnant was “harder than labor.” “I knew that it would be a huge shock and a huge surprise for my parents,” she said, adding that their disappointment eventually turned into support. “I hope that me speaking out now will prevent girls from having to do that in the future.” Palin said son Tripp, born in December, is sitting up, rolling over and starting to giggle. “He’s doing awesome,” she said. “He’s getting so big and so chubby.” But Palin said he life consists mainly of school, diapers, bottles and chores, all on a “few hours of sleep.” “It’s a 24-hour job and that’s a huge responsibility,” she said. “Your priorities completely change once you have a baby.” But Palin said giving up the baby or terminating the pregnancy was never an option. “I knew from the second I found out I was pregnant I was going to keep the baby,” she said. Still, if she could do it all over again, Palin said she would wait to have sex. “My son is a blessing. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me He’s the love of my life but I do wish that years from now I could have had the same son.” Bristol Palin Wants Levi Johnston in Son’s LifeThe September 2008 revelation that the then 17-year-old high school senior was pregnant ignited a cultural debate about sexual education. The story not only received media play because her mother was the Republican vice presidential nominee, but also because of Sarah Palin’s abstinence-only education leanings. Studies show that 80 percent of pregnant teens don’t marry the fathers of their babies, which includes Bristol Palin. Though she and then boyfriend Levi Johnston announced their engagement once the news of their pregnancy was revealed, the pair broke up shortly after the birth of their son. The former couple’s relationship has since been tenuous, at best, with 19-year-old Johnston being labeled as a deadbeat dad by Sarah Palin’s father. Johnston has said the Palins have limited his access to Tripp since the breakup, which he said was mutual. In the weeks following the split, Johnston said he needed to mature before becoming a husband but held out hope that he and Palin would reconcile. Bristol Palin said she wants to maintain some kind of relationship with Johnston for the benefit of her son. “I’d love Levi to be a part of his life and I know he will be,” she said. “Every child needs a father.” Palin said she didn’t pay much attention to the intense media coverage that started when her mother was thrust into the national spotlight during the presidential campaign, including Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation. “It’s unreal,” she said. Palin is but one visible example of a nationwide trend. For the second year in a row, the country’s teen birth rate has increased. Three out of 10 girls in the United States will get pregnant and less than half of those women will earn their high school diploma, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.
A: Although I agree with religious conservatives who want to challenge the youth to delay sexual activity for a while, I totally disagree with their message that a condom is a provision for sin. I send my Christian friends to the website below which debunks the whole thing against premarital sex in the Bible. That way they have no excuse not to support comprehensive sex education.
Why have liberals slammed Anne Coulter about single parents when she is absolutely right.?
Q: Today’s Facts….which of course do not pertain to all single parents however…….Today in America… Single parents account for nearly a third of family households with children under the Half of children will live in a single parent household at some point in childhood. The number of children born to unmarried women per year quadrupled from 500,000 to more than two million in less than twenty years. The number of single mothers increased from three million to ten million between 1970 and 2000. Every day in America, 1,186 babies are born to teen mothers. Every day in America, 3,742 babies are born to unmarried mothers. What is the effect? Violent criminals are overwhelmingly males who grew up without fathers. Seventy-five percent of children/adolescents in chemical dependency hospitals are from single parent families. More than half of all youths incarcerated for criminal acts lived in one-parent families when they were children. Sixty-three percent of suicides are individuals from single parent families. Seventy-five percent of teenage pregnancies are from single parent homes. Children living at home with both parents grow up with more financial and educational advantages than youngsters raised by one parent, as US Census statistics have long shown. Seventy-two percent of the US Populations believes that fatherlessness is the most significant social problem America is facing. Children in single parent families are two to three times as likely as children in two parent families to have emotional and behavioral problems. Children who lived with only one parent had lower grade point averages, lower career aspirations, poorer attendance records, and higher drop out rates than students who lived with both parents.I am totally aware of deadbeat dads……trust me.I did say not all single parents. I know there are many great single parents and many horrible parents who stay together. I do find these statistics to be a bit alarming though. Don’t you?
A: Ann Coulter slams single parents just for the heck of it and she offers no constructive suggestions. All she does is tell people not to be one. That is not at all helpful. Bashing people because they’re single parents helps no one. Most people would probably rather not be single parents but they are. A thinking person would analyze the reasons underlying the trend and offer some worthwhile suggestions as to how to address the problems. Coulter is a propagandist, not a social theorist and it shows in her work.
Are you living a hard life?
Q: Only a kid, and still life screwed her overA drunk father, her mother scolded herWith that second hand smoke in her lungsNo one to hold her, and yet so youngBeer and drugs surround her parents lifeHanging out with her friends at midnightOut on the corner, talk about today’s newsGossiping whether or not it was all trueFailed in school, just focused on popularityA good idea to her was some what a rarity Her life going nowhere in a quick flashReality however is about to clashSometimes in life, it has the fritzJust got to stand up, don’t ever quitGive all you got, give it 110 percentI just pray to God you get the hintOlder now, she just turned seven-teenHer mind unclean, wearing short cut jeansAll caught up into the latest fashionsUp in the hood, love is her only passion Her boyfriend gives her black eyesCut up wrist, with bruises on her thighsEvery night she cries, living with liesGo home to only see her parents get highThe rent lady demanding that they payIt was due a month ago from yesterdayNo utilities, trash bags still on the porchFood from charities, having beans and porkAnother boyfriend who nothing but a jerkWake up real early so she can go to workThe sun setting, back on the same cornerGet in the car with two other strangersSometimes in life, it has the fritzJust got to stand up, don’t ever quitGive all you got, give it 110 percentI just pray to God you get the hintShe’s even older now, way past her primeIn her mid forties, always working overtimeOver fifty hour in the time of one weekendHer life gone nowhere, a job that’s a dead endHer little baby boy, 14, in those gang warsHe gets home late, never does his choresAlways wondering why his mom is poorSo if he’s out, he’ll go and rob a liquor storeBut no escape, he has a hearing in courtTrailed as an adult for all the coke he snortsCrying because her baby is about to leaveDid the devil trick her boy into an evil deedSo much went horribly wrong for this personAnd it if you let it go on, it will only worsenSometimes in life, it has the fritzJust got to stand up, don’t ever quitGive all you got, give it 110 percentI just pray to God you get the hintThe Midwest Arsonist
A: that was great, i really liked it
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