What should I do if i think my girlfriend is pregnant

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If you think your girlfriend might be pregnant, you need to get a pregnancy test right away to find out for sure. See a doctor! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-i-think-my-girlfriend-is-pregnant ]
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I need help, my girlfriend and i think shes pregnant. what do we …?
Im absoultely disgusted by the first few answers….if you cant give a resposible response such an important question then whats the point in being immature and insensitive? Anyways, Make sure you and your girlfriend go to the doctors to v…
Do you think i got my girlfriend pregnant?
tell her not to worry, and get her the morning after pill, it is a little bit expensive if you don’t get it like in planned parenthood, but she can take is 5 days after sex and she wont get pregnant. She is most likely not pregnant if you h…
Do you think I got my girlfriend pregnant finally??
It is possible tell her to take a test or go to the doctors and have then run blood work. Good Luck

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girlfriend is pregnant, should i still think of marrying her?
Q: I’ve dated this girl for 4.5 months now and she’s 3 months pregnant. She was wonderful up until she found out she was somewhere around 1.5 months ago. We talked about being together long term and she said things like she wanted to grow old with me etc. When she found out she was preggo she said she would have an abortion then went away on a week long vacation and had completely changed her mind and wouldn’t even discuss the topic with me which was upsetting as this type of life altering decision I felt we should at least discuss. Anyways fast forward 6 weeks and she wants more with me and is now talking about never going to work and having me support her and having a huge family. I’ve never wanted a stay at home wife and she never showed any signs of being like that even up until recently saying she wanted to be there the first 2 years then have the kid babysat. Now she just has babies on the brain and nothing else. B4 you all critique please do realize I’d always be supportive of her if we don’t work out and ALWAYS be there for our baby. I would pay my child support and spend as much time as possible with our child.Shes 25 (college dropout, albeit very good college) and was trying to finish college. Me, I’m a 26 year old medical student who is now expected to finish med school and support her which has low appeal in my eyes…what to do with this baby on the brain woman?
A: wow. use protection. no i don’t think u should marry her just for the baby. only marry her if you want to. don’t be forced to do anything that you don’t want. you will be sad and miserable with life. be a father.
Do you think if you get your girlfriend pregnant that you should marry her
Q: I am 25 and my girlfriend is 32. We’ve only been dating for about 9 months. We found out a few days ago that she’s pregnant. She is really excited about it. When I told my mom, she was pretty mad but said that I really should get married to her ASAP. I love my g/f and I want to be with her but I just don’t feel ready for marriage. I want to help raise our baby but I’m not sure I HAVE to be married in order to do that, although I admit it might help. But the thought of being married freaks me out. My g/f never even mentioned marriage so it’s not like she’s putting any pressure on me. Obviously she is a bit older so she is financially stable and I just got a pretty good job so financially we’re both doing ok.So do you think I should marry her even though I don’t feel ready. Any advice and what I can / should do?
A: No you should not you should marry some one because you want to i have 2 kids i was married 10 years a have a new partner and I’m pregnant and there is no way i would want to marry just because I’m pregnant ,in fact i don’t think i would ever want to get married again
Got girlfriend pregnant…should I marry if not in love?
Q: this is delicate situation…I am a guy 30 years old, started going out with this girl who would treat me awesome, we were together for about 4 months, she had told me she was on the Birth control pill for a month and a half…..well, yesterday she went and got pregnancy test and she is pregnant..we stopped datin and we have just been friend for the past month…and now….she is 5 weeks preganant…——–> we had just stayed friends cuz I dont feel in love with her………and now she is 5 weeks….. she is a great girl…but I am not in love with her… you know…i dont feel it in my heart… she is with me but I dont feel what you are suppose to feel in your heart when ur in love… my mother is a christian and she says that I have to marry her… I dont want to marry and then be unhappy cuz if I feel like this now what would happened in the future… and I have tried to fall in love or like her more…She does treat me awesome, like no other girl has treated me, but I just dont feel any attraction… I am really confused and I didnt want this to happen, I am supporting her and will be there as a father, but she wishes that I would get serious with her…that its not about her or me.. its about he baby… but I am not in love and feel that if I do get marry and settle with her, somewhere inside I will not be happy, cuz I am not in love… its a hard situation and I dont want her to be hurt cuz she needs my full support… my sister, mom and her want me to get serious, but I dont feel it… what do you think or recommend?
A: First of all you are a thirty year old man who is suppose to be mature enough to know not to have unprotected sex. I don’t care if she is on birth control or not it is a responsibility thing. If you were not ready for a commitment then why in the hell would you lay down with your penis knowing most women lay down with their emotions. You should be honest with this woman, this good woman, and tell her that you are not attracted to her in a relationship way. You realize she is a good woman but deserves someone who will treat her with the love, trust and respect that she deserves. It is sad that so many children are born into single parent households and have no real family structure these days. It has become too much of the norm. I would suggest that you protect yourself from now on if all you want to do is play. It is time to get serious in life You are a thirty year old man. But don’t get married just for the baby you might end up cheating or doing other immoral things. If she is a good woman then why not try to get to know her better or just remain good friends.
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