What should you do while pregnant

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For most women, pregnancy is not a health problem. You should be able to resume normal activities. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-while-pregnant ]
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What CAN you do while pregnant?
pregnant women can do plenty of things. we are not fragile. women these days tend to think that we are going to break. while you do have to make sure you have to watch that you and the baby are safe at all times, you also have to remember t…
Does everybody have morning sickness while being pregnant?
Up to 70 percent of expectant mothers have nausea, sometimes with vomiting, early in pregnancy.
Is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant?
You can dye your hair while you are pregnant. The reason it is not recommended is because the varying hormones may produce a different color or tone that you are used to. You should of course get the okay from your doctor before doing it.

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What are some things you should avoid while pregnant?
Q: Can you go to the dentist, get a facial or manicure, or use any type of lotions you want? I’ve read that you should avoid certain things such as acne lotions and things. What can’t you do?
A: Seems like moms-to-be just have too much to think about sometimes, doesn’t it! But yes, there are some things you should avoid while your little one is in tow. As far dental appts, you shouldn’t avoid those. It is impt to follow up with your dental care. Baby will be siphoning all of the nutrients from your body as long as he’s in there so your calcium reserve(bone and tooth strength) will be depleted. This is the main reason for taking your prenatals, along with other key vitamins that are not always provided in sufficient amounts by our daily diets. They are not for baby’s benefit (as he’s getting most of what he needs from your body already), but yours. Dental x-rays are off limits during pregnancy, but as long as your dentists knows you’re expecting (which you should inform him/her of before they begin any procedures), they won’t attempt those anyway. Facials are okay, but use organic products ONLY. You should avoid certain products altogether while expecting (1st link gives examples of products and potentially harmful chemicals).Also avoid anti-itch ointments that contain ingredients like hydrocortisone. Like some of those acne meds, they can be absorbed into the skin. So use caution and when in doubt, ask your doc! Good luck and congrats!!
What do you think women should and should NOT do while pregnant?
Q: Every woman has had their OWN experiences but not many have had enough of them to lend criticism to others. Some women get flat out angry at others who do the slightest thing “wrong”. Like consuming a bit of caffiene.What do YOU think women should and should NOT do while pregnant?”wrong” (in quotations) simply implies that there are varying opinions on the subject.
A: Consuming 1-2 caffinated drinks a day DOES NOT increase your chancecs of miscarraige in the least bit. It causes no harm to a baby. In order for a baby to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the mother would ahve to drink about 6 drinks a day almost every day. I really wish mothers would do proper research before judging other mothers.
Things you should and should not do while pregnant.?
Q: Hi =). My husband and I are trying to conceive. And I was wanting to have some helpful tips from mothers or moms-to-be, so I can try to prepare myself as much as I can. What are the things you SHOULD do while pregnant? And what are the things you SHOULD NOT do while pregnant? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance =]
A: Do:Eat a well balanced diet in small, frequent mealsDrink plenty of fluidsTake prenatal vitamins (if you have trouble digesting them, you can take Flinstones chewables… take these even before you conceive, too, to boost the folic acid in your system)Do some light exercise (walking, etc.)See your ob/gyn as soon as you find out you are pregnantAim to gain about 25 pounds during the pregnancyUse the time to educate yourself-What to Expect When You’re Expecting and What to Expect in the First Year are great books!Be close to a bathroom at all times, you never know when the baby will sit on your bladder! :)Enjoy the pregnancy, and try not to stress yourself out too much-the baby can sense that.Don’t:IF you smoke, do not quit cold turkey. Ease into quitting or at least cut down the amount per day.Expose yourself to secondhand smokeDrinkDo drugsTake any medication not approved by your ob/gynRide rollercoastersEat cold deli meats (most people aren’t made sick by cold meats, but pregnant women and fetuses are susceptible to the bacteria they may carry)-Heat them to steaming hot and you should be fine.Dye your hair (though this is debated by some in the medical community… better safe than sorry)Go tanningI there are probably more tips in my mind, I just can’t dig them out 🙂
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