What was the oldest women to ever get pregnant

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Wow! At age 70, Rajo Devi became the oldest woman in the world to give birth. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-oldest-women-to-ever-get-pregnant ]
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Can a 90 year old women get pregnant?
If science WERE able to implant an embryo in a ninety year old women, No. 1 the implant would undoubtly never take. No.2 if by some quirk of fate it did adhere to the uterine wall, it would not have enough nutrients or adequate rich blood s…
How old is or was the oldest women to get pregnant by natural con…?
A woman can get pregnant as long as their body continues to produce eggs. So actually someone can get pregnant even if they’re a hundred years old.
What is the oldest a women should get pregnant and have a healthy…?
This is a heavily debated question, and is going to continue to be for some time. The question is no longer the ability to have a healthy baby as older women as well as younger women have the option of using donor eggs. Doctors are well awa…

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What is the age of the oldest woman to ever get pregnant and give birth naturally?
A: She was 59 and was in the Guiness Book of world records for years. Everybody older than her used IVF and infertility drugs.
Why am I obsessed with pregnant women?
Q: Recently, I’ve had this strange obsession with pregnant women. Ever since this girl at my office got pregnant, I all of the sudden find her irresistible and now every time I see a pregnant woman, doesn’t matter how old she is or what she looks like, I get turned on like never before!! It’s really weird, and I don’t think it’s normal or healthy. I’m 27 and currently do not have any children. Is it possible that this is nature’s way of telling me I’m ready to procreate?? Any help is appreciated.
A: LOL… sorry, I don’t mean to laugh at you… it’s just cute. I know you don’t want to hear that either. I don’t know the physiological reason that men are attracted to pregnant women, but I can guess… When a woman is pregnant she is fulfilling her basic purpose of being, and if you go back to square one people are attracted to each other on the basis of procreation. When a man sees that a woman is pregnant he sees that she is a good potential mate and therefore gets aroused (think in terms of animals). That is my guess in a scientific sort of way. If you want a more romanticized answer: it’s the glow! Pregnant women have a glow to them and an inner peace that is contagious and alluring. It’s completely normal to be attracted to that. I was hit on more by guys when I was pregnant than when I was in college and single. Are you married or in a commited relationship? If so, talk to her about your feelings. Maybe you are ready to procreate…. 🙂
Has anyone ever heard of women getting pregnant on purpose without telling their boyfriend?
Q: I started dating this girl about a month ago. I was told by my friend’s brother not to trust her when she tells me I don’t need to use a condom because she’s on the birth control pill. He says he has friends who have been in similar situactions and the girl lied about being on the pill and got pregnant on purpose to try to “trap” the guy. He said in my situation I’d be a prime “candidate” since I’m dating an older woman and her clock is ticking (I’m 22, she’s 33). She doesn’t have any kids now but told me she would love to have some one day. Last night I suggested using a condom in addition to her being on the pill and she got real offended and said I don’t trust her, etc etc and she said she wouldn’t have sex if we used a condom since it’s unromantic.What do you all think? I think it would be pretty low for a woman to do that to a guy but I definitly am not ready for a kid at all right now!!! Any advice? Thanks.
A: Yes, I’ve heard of this…I know a guy, and his girlfriend (now wife) poked holes in the condoms before they used them… They now have 4 kids, all of them “accidents”…GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN…And the pill won’t help you if she’s got crotch crickets…
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