When am I going to get my period or am I pregnant

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It depends on the last time you had your period – it is not unusual to be a few days late or even up to a week. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-am-i-going-to-get-my-period-or-am-i-pregnant ]
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Can you get pregnant right before your going to have your period?
You can get pregnant any time. It’s more likely on the 14th day of your cycle. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Am i pregnant or am i going to get my period?
Pregnancy symptoms can mirror PMS symptoms. The only way to know would be to take a test if you are late. An easier answer for you, if you had sex then yes you could be pregnant. Otherwise, just wait. Don’t get yourself all worked up thinki…
Can you still feel like your going to get your period while pregn…?
Some women do experience this prior to implantation bleeding. But not all. If your period does not arrive, perform a pregnancy test.

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identical to implantation bleeding at the time I was suppose to get my period, am I pregnant?
Q: I had a tubal/lig 7 yrs ago & regular mensus,with 3 healthy children. I last had a period 3-4 weeks ago ( i dont pay attention cause i had the tubal) & about 8 days ago I noticed equal slight nipple discharge which only happens when I am pregnant. I ignored it & awaited my period which is due this week sometime, last night I get this wierd pink fluid a piece of clear mucus and 3 spots of blood and thats it no period! It was pink as pink could be & wiped a few times it went away over last night & today. This is a color I have never seen come from the vagina as well as clear mucus? I looked it up in my nursing books & it seems it could of been something called implantation bleeding? I went to dr today ( 1 day after this pink show cause i was freaking out) got a qualitive & quantitive test, qualitive showed negative quantitive showed 1miu of hcg, is it to early to show higher since I am 1 day into implantation? Urine tests show neg. No more pink show or period pregnant? never irregular..
A: You may have tested to early, give it a few days and test again. your still in with a chance i think
am i pregnant? period’s always irregular.?
Q: ok. i had by started my period on august 26. but i’m not positive. my cycles are usually irregular. something there’s 31+ days between my cycles. so i never know when i’m going to get it.i’ve practiced safe sex with condoms. they didn’t break.i still haven’t gotten my period yet. normally, i should be getting it within another week. but how will i know whether i’m just late like usual or pregnant?i’m going to take a pregnancy test in a couple days if my period doesn’t come. is it a good time to take it?it’s starting to worry me because today, i’ve had to pee almost every 2 hrs. i’ve never peed this much. and i haven’t been drinking a lot either. is that a sign of pregnancy this early?i’m scared. but it’s probably all in my head.any suggestions or advice?
A: I would take a test first to calm your nerves. Your mind is a power tool and can play tricks on you – giving you ‘false’ symptoms of being pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms do not start to develop or you don’t experience them funtil you’re around at least 6-8 weeks..but it’s not to say a few weeks earlier though. It’s way too early to have the sympton of frequent urination. This occurs when the fetus and/or the fluids within the uterus is pushing on your bladder. Good luck – take a deep breath and relax!
why do i feel pregnant when i am on my period?
Q: Well for the past 3 weeks or so i have been feeing pregnant, i know the feeling because i had a baby 5 months ago, but right now i am on my period, it’s different this time though, the first day it was bright red like a nose bleed not the normal color and there was alot of blood and clots, then the next day it completely stopped for most of the day then started again and it was lighter, and today it’s doing the same thing, starting and stopping, i don’t know whats going on, also i know most women’s breasts get a little bigger during menstration but myne don’t and this time they are, i even have new stretch marks, also my nipples feel sore like chaffed, i have been really tired, eating like crazy, im a tiny women 4’11 and 92 pounds( well now 99, i have gained 7 in the past week and a half) so i guess my question is, has anyone else felt like this? on there period but feel pregnant? also my husband and i aren’t trying to prevent pregnancy.
A: Chances are your body is still regulating itself from when you had your last baby. If you are on a regular period you are not pregnant.
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