When can a girl find she is pregnant

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It actually depends on what she uses to check! It can be up to 5 days before a missed period. Good luck! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-can-a-girl-find-she-is-pregnant ]
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When can a girl find she is pregnant
It actually depends on what she uses to check! It can be up to 5 days before a missed period. Good luck! ChaCha on!
When will a girl find out she is pregnant?
she will find out once her period doesnt come
How long it takes for a girl to find out she’s pregnant??
You should have a period every 28-32 days. You should usually wait until you’ve missed your period, or 28-32 days after the first day of your last period, to take a pregnancy test. You can take a first response test 4 days sooner, but it’s …

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Legal advice, I got a girl pregnant when she found out she was already 4 months along?
Q: I need some Legal advice I got a girl pregnant when she found out she was already 4 months along. I’m posting this for advice so I really don’t need advice on anything else but what my rights as the man are. The girl in my mind is unstable moving around from house to house for places to live, if someone is going to have my child I want this child in my life. What are my rights as of now before the baby is born? Do I have any? She is thinking of moving out of state and I want to stop this, can i?
A: You have no rights until child is born and paternity has been established
My friend recently married a girl, and she got pregnant. They found out she has cervical cancer. What do i do?
Q: ok, a little more detail is probably needed.My friend met, and fell in love with, a girl who will remain unnamed. she had overcome a different run-in with cancer at an earlier date, and no ill-effects occured. My friend married her, and they decided to have a kid.this is the 3rd month of their pregnancy, and during a routine check-up, the doctors found cancer in her uterus. i dont know all the details, but i do know that the life of the kid is in jeapordy. what they would normally do is go in and remove the cancer cells, and no harm would be done. but they cant, because of the baby. they dont want to give her treatment, or kemo, because it may hurt the kid.what am i, as a friend, supposed to do, or say? i know, be supportive and all that, but i cannot always be there. he has always come to me when he didnt know what to do, and i have gone to him to ask questions as well. What do i tell him?how can i reassure him that everything will be fine without sounding like a sham?
A: IF your friend has always discussed problems with you, he will proably do so with this one.You can’t influence his decision, but encourage him to talk it through.Ask what the Dr’s recommend and why.Ask what his opinions/thoughts are.Reflect his thoughts back e.g. Are you meaning ….., I understand that you are feeling…….., etc.This will help him to make his own decision.Chances are he is going to have to decide to save his child and risk raising it alone, or terminate the child and still run the risk of loosing his wife.This is something only the couple can decide.
How can you know when a girl pregnant in the first month?
Q: I Just want to know how you find out that she is Pregnant or not?anyway that we can test?whoever please help me find out.Thanks a lot
A: Pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone. But the symptoms can be…nausea and or vomiting, sore or tender breasts as early as a few days after conception, fatigue, late or missed period of course, frequent urination as early as 2-3 weeks after conception and there are others that come when your farther along.Pregnancy tests are available at Dollar Tree. I used them and found out I was pregnant, which was confirmed by a doctor. You shouldn’t have to buy the most expensive test because you have to see a doctor to confirm the results anyway. Especially if she is pregnant, then going to the doctor early will benefit both mother and baby.
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