Why do pregnant women get dizzy

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Feeling faint is a symptom of pregnancy, so dizziness could also be a symptom of pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-pregnant-women-get-dizzy ]
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Do all pregnant women vomit and get dizzy like others did??
I think every woman’s pregnancy and symptoms differ. With my first pregnancy, i never vomited (once in a while, certain smells made me nauseous, but that was it)….never got dizzy either. But with my second pregnancy, I vomited, got dizzy …
When a pregnant woman gets dizzy does it mean the imbelable cord …?
No! The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. This helps increase the blood flow to your baby, but it slows the return of the blood in the veins to you. This cau…
What can cause a pregnant woman to get dizzy and almost faint??
sudden change in blood pressure, Not eating enough, dehydration, blood sugar high, too low, Potassium low, iron low. COuld be several things, talk to your doc they might want to do blood work. Get rest, take vitamins, eat healthy. Next time…

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Woman Only! Terrible cramps, dizzy, tired cant get pregnant, WHY?
Q: Been trying for 5 years and cant seem to get prego. I got a ovulation kit and it didnt work 🙁 I get horrible cramps the first day of my period. Menstral cycle is perfect what is the deal. Do all woman have nausha when on period and bad cramps and bright red blood? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? HELP PLEASE!I already know that I should go to obgyn no insurance so its hard but anyone have these symptoms ??
A: go to the doctor.. those are all signs of endometriosis or ovarian cysts( both can eventually lead to infertility and don’t always show symptoms ) … could be a list of other things.. could just be a bad period , go to the doc only the doctor can tell you what it is with testing. Endrometriosis is a disease that progresses in stages.( 1-4) there are three main methods used to treat the disease ( birth control, birth of a child, or hysterectomy) Little is known about the disease, and no cure is known. Catching it early is vital. if you don’t you may not ever be able to have kids, because of to much scar tissue. In many area’s there are free clinics. They usually charge a flat rate for the visit. Try finding one near you. please go to the doctor!
pregnant questions?
Q: why do pregnant women get a dizzy feeling
A: Could be a number of reasons, one being hormone levels.Another thing to check is your iron levels. If you are anaemic you could feel dizzy or light headed. This is quite common in pregnancy and if your iron levels are low the doctor will probably prescribe a simple iron tablet to help lift your levels. Check with your doctor and see what she/he says.
first time mommy to be with questions?
Q: this is my first pregnancy and I was wondering a couple things.1) Why are we supposed to sleep on our left side? Besides it being the most comfy I was wondering the medical reasoning behind it.2) Why do pregnant women get dizzy?3) Have you noticed that it feels like your heart beats harder?thanks! So excited for our little one.Also,Why do I wake up with a stuffy nose every morning?
A: 1)From what I can remember this was due to lowering blood pressure and better oxygen flow to baby…..not medical advice just what I seem to remember when I was pregnant!!2)It’s not uncommon to feel lightheaded or dizzy occasionally. When you’re pregnant, your cardiovascular system undergoes dramatic changes: Your heart rate goes up, your heart pumps more blood per minute, and the amount of blood in your body expands by 40 to 45 percent.During a normal pregnancy, your blood pressure gradually decreases in the beginning, reaching its lowest point in the middle of your pregnancy. It then begins to rise, returning to its regular level by the end of pregnancy.Most of the time, your cardiovascular and nervous systems are able to adjust to all these changes, but occasionally they don’t, which can leave you feeling lightheaded or a bit dizzy. If you actually faint, it could be a sign that something is wrong, and you should call your practitioner. 3) My guess is just having a harder time to pump the blood through your body!!!Having answered all of your questions…if I were you I would get my blood pressure checked.(ESPECIALLY IF YOU GET A HEADACHE!!)…just to be on the safe side!!!! You can just stop by your OB office and they will do this for free anytime!!! I had postpartum toxemia so I know about all of these symptoms being a problem!!! Not trying to scare you and I’m sure your FINE but better to go on the safe side!! Let us know!!!! :))**Stuffy nose is most likely hormones!! If consistent ask your doctor next visit!! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water!!
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