Why does a women have her period

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The menstrual cycle allows a woman to become pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha and have a great day! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-a-women-have-her-period ]
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Why does women have periods for?
The period is actually the shedding of the lining of the uterus. If a woman becomes pregnant, the embryo implants itself in this lining. If she does not become pregnant during a month, the lining sheds itself. That’s the period.
How long after a women gets her period is she fertile to get preg…?
The day count starts after 5th day of the period. For the average woman this is around cycle day 12 to 16. Thanks!
Can women get pregnant on their period?
The least likely time for a woman to get pregnant is when she is on her period, but it is possible. Sperm can live inside of the body for several days, so it is possible to have sex while on the period and then actually become pregnant a fe…

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Why does a women have her period again if you stop taking Yaz birth control just after 3 days?
Q: I had to stop taking Yaz just after three days of starting birth control pill Yaz because it was effecting me so negatively and so extreme I couldn’t handle it any longer. after I stopped the third day the next day I had severe menstral crapping and clotty like bleeding and hasn’t stop for two days now! I have never bled like this in my life for a regular period! Plus I just had my period a week ago and now I have this horrible heavy bleeding. Why is this happening from taking the pill for just three day then stopping? Maybe it was this certain type of BC. those 3 days of taking Yaz was awefull! iIt made me feel extremely tired and I felt very depresssed. I felt almost like I was dying and didn’t know what was going on. Ever since I stopped taking it I felt like my normal self again which I’m so releived but I’,m afraid I messed my body up since I’m having this horrible bleeding off of my regular period schedule. Anyone have info about this issue.
A: Its a very tricky subject but my “opinion” is that the pill usually sends hormones thru the body, which thickens the lining of ur uterus or tricks the body into thinking its already pregnant. This is why you experience tender breast, breakouts, change in appetite, weight gain or loss. Anyway once you stop taking the hormones the lining of ur uterus begins to thin so you get ur period, or the body realizes that you or not pregnant so you begin to ovulate again and get ur period. So to sum it up…The pill stops ovulation once you stop the pill you begin to ovulate again and you get ur period. Take Care
How many of u Guys has or Does; sex with a women on her Period. if so why??
Q: please be specific and Mature about this. not so bullSh*t!! Ewwww!!! stuff if u going to say that don’t bother. tell us why; becuase she enjoys it or becuase your married and it serves as contraception, etc.
A: yes sort of. My girl practically begged me, but the last couple of days there is hardly any flow. She even showed me her pad to prove it. (I know … yuk). So she shower up and we went to it. I could tell any difference really.
When a woman gets her tubes tied or something so that she can’t have kids, why does she still have period?
Q: I mean, the purpose of a period was to have babies and annoy the hell out of women.If you get fixed so that you can’t have any more babies, why do you still have your period?My mom got her tubes tied so that she can’t have anymore children, so why does she still have her period?
A: because she is still ovulating.
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