Can you be so smart that you die

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Doctors are blaming a rare electrical imbalance in the brain for the bizarre death of a chess player whose head exploded ,yes. [ Source: ]
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Why L in death note is so smart?
L is a natural genius and has a keen eye for small details. His thought process is unlike any normal human being, L examines every single fact, no matter how big or small, and then he starts putting the facts together and labeling the proba…

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What do you think of my story so far? some feedback would be so helpful!?
Q: What do you think of my story so far? some feedback would be so helpful!?I wanted to die. I would have died if it hadn’t been for Andrea. She’d told me not to do it, countless times but I wouldn’t listen to her. She even tried to hide the pills from me, but I was to smart for her. Many times, along with her sympathising there would be screaming, angry screaming. She called me mad, and said I was foolish to try to throw away my life like that when there were hundreds of sick children who would give anything to be in my shoes.That’s why they sent me to camp H.I.T. They said I was mad. They being my parents and the few friends I had at school. School was the main cause of my supposed madness. I hated school. It wasn’t the school itself, or the classes or the teachers. It was the people. There were eight of them, and all of them took every opportunity to make my life hell.It was one afternoon, a Friday that everything became too much. They cornered me, in the bathrooms before school and took my bag. They stole my wallet and my phone. They kicked me and sprayed me with the taps. They held my head over the toilet and flushed it. I never told anyone what they were doing to me. For many reasons, one of them being that the students of my school; Hall Crest High, had a ‘You tell you get it’ policy. But the main reason was that I had too much pride. I wanted to seem tough. I wanted to act like what they were doing didn’t matter to me, like I didn’t care. But of course none of that was true. So I decided to end it all. When I’d arrived home that Friday, I went straight to the bathroom cabinet. No one was home; my parents were at work and my sister Andrea was at a friends place. I knew mum had some tranquillizers stored somewhere in the medicine cabinet, but I also knew that she wouldn’t just leave them lying around. After taking everything out of the cupboard I found them, hidden right at the back. I didn’t bother to read the label; I knew what I was going to do with them. I emptied the contents of the packet into my hand, and then went to my bedroom. If I was going to do it I wanted to do it neatly. I stood in the doorway of my bedroom for a while, gazing into space. I took a deep breath and walked over to bed. I looked at the pills in my hand. I swallowed the first one, gagging a little. I pushed myself to keep on going. After the third one I was starting to feel a little hazy. My head started to throb. My breathing started to get faster, then everything went black.The car drew up outside a big red house with black windows. A tall blonde woman came out to greet us. She held out a delicate hand.“Nice to meet you, I’m Mrs Lacey.”My mother smiled at the woman and shook her hand.“Hi, I’m Cathy. Posy’s mother.”Mrs Lacey paused, staring at me. I could almost see thoughts whirling around in her head.“Ah, yes Posy. If you’ll come with me I’d like to speak with you for a few moments in my office. Then I will take you to your room that you will be sharing with a few other girls during you stay here.”I nodded dumbly.My mother turned to look at me.“I’ll, I’ll see you soon darling?” She struggled with the words, not quite meeting my eyes. She knew that I was still furious with her for sending me here.“Bye” I muttered, scowling. She tried to give me a hug but I moved away.Mrs Lacey watched for my mothers reaction.“Come along dear.” She said to me, firmly pushing me in the direction of the building that she had come out of. My mother waved to me, then got back in the car. I watched as she drove away from me.
A: wow thats freakin awsome? what happens nexxt?I think that you need more i dont know symapthy from the mum. Mums usually go really upset and shout like about this?Can u post it when your done? I think your very clever.
why smart people die before 80 years old?can we find smthing else from this ?
Q: i heard smart people like einstein die before 80 and less so they die young…is this because they use a lot their brain?Out death depends on how much we use our brain?? if this happens we can find other thing from this?
A: Well, Einstein lived a long time ago. I’m pretty sure life expectancy has gone up since then. Plus men tend to die a little younger than women.
How did mark of smart die?
Q: How did mark of smart die?luvsxand y he did it if u no
A: The 42-year-old was found hanging in a building next to Paddington train station, reportedly because he had happy memories of travelling with his fiancée Natasha Collins.Police are trying to find out how he managed to access the partially-disused office block and are examining CCTV from the station last Monday when Speight was last seen alive. Friends said he was left reeling by Collins’ death at the flat they shared in St John’s Wood, north-west London, in January. In the weeks after the tragedy, Speight moved in with her mother, Carmen, who reported him missing last Monday after he failed to keep an appointment with her. Paying tribute to the presenter yesterday, she said: “We were devastated to lose Natasha earlier this year and for Mark to have now died as well is tragic. “We are very sad and cannot believe what has happened. Mark was a deeply special person, his loving nature and kind heart made such a difference to our lives. “In the past three-and-a-half months since Natasha died we as a family have grown closer to Mark. “We can see why Natasha loved him so much as we grew to love him even more. “His vivacious personality touched the lives of many and we were privileged to have known him. Our thoughts are with Mark’s family at this sad time.”A coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure at the inquest into Miss Collins’ death. She had taken cocaine and sleeping tablets and suffered hot water burns covering 60% of her body. Speight was initially arrested on suspicion of murder and supplying class A drugs but no charges were brought. British Transport Police (BTP) said railway workers found his body on the roof of MacMillan House around 10am on Sunday. According to company records the office block is used as a base by several railway and bus transport firms. A BTP spokeswoman said the body was in “a remote area out of public view” of the building, which is close to platform one of the station. The post-mortem will discover how Speight died and identify how long his body lay undiscovered. Colleagues, friends and family members continued to pay tribute to the TV presenter yesterday. Kirsten O’Brien, his co-presenter on children’s show SMart, said Speight was “without doubt the funniest man I’ve ever known”. She said: “Filming days were a joy as Mark would often have the crew and I doubled up with laughter and I think that showed on screen. “As well as his fantastic art skills, Mark had a childlike enthusiasm for life which is what made him such a hit with young viewers. “As a friend, Mark was gifted with making people laugh, he lifted your spirits, and his sense of the ridiculous was a delight. “I’m proud to have had Mark in my life and am devastated at losing him in such a terrible way. All of his friends will miss him deeply. “Mark could find light in the darkest situations for others. I’m only sorry he couldn’t find it for himself. My thoughts are with his family.” His father, Oliver, a property developer, said: “Mark was a wonderful son and brother to his family and he will be very sadly missed.” Jan Kennedy, Speight’s agent, said: “We are absolutely devastated at the tragic news of the loss of Mark and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family as well as the family of his beloved fiancee, Natasha, whose equally tragic death had affected him so inconsolably.”
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