Do you have any tips on how to be more confident

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Set reachable goals for yourself and break difficult tasks into smaller steps. This way you’re easy to congratulate yourself. [ Source: ]
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How to be confident some tips ?
Be yourself, act confident, think confident thoughts, and sooner or later you will begin to think in terms of confidence as one good experience gives way to another.
How to Appear More Confident (Some Simple Tips)
・ 1 Smile. In my opinion, nothing helps you exude confidence more than a nice smile. Just think about it… ・ 2 Have good posture. Sit and stand straight with your head in the air and that smile on your face. You’ll… ・ 3 Make eye contact….
What are some tips on how to be more confident?
Everytime you catch yourself having negative thoughts, stop yourself and think happy thoughts. Give yourself a break. If you make a mistakes, it’s fine everyone makes mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. Don’t turn your feelings into fa…

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Any tips on how to appear more confident?
Q: I am a really confident person, but I’m short and for some reason people always think I’m shy. Any tips on how to APPEAR as confident as I am?
A: Being short shouldn’t affect anyones perception of someone being shy; in fact most short people I know are type A ‘dynamite’ personalities.Confidence is alot about body language. Stand up straight, walk like you own the place, and keep eye contact with whomever you’re speaking with. Most of all, speak up! Talking quietly can be misconstrued to mean someone is shy. Remember, you own the place, so your opinion matters.
Any tips to be more confident in a basketball game?
Q: Well the biggest problem I have in basketball is lack of self confidence. It definitely isn’t that I’m not good, I know I’m better than nearly everyone in my league. I practice 2 hours a day so it’s not a lack of belief in my skills, it’s just that whenever I play in a real game, I’m always afraid to shoot, I play very well in everything else, but if I could get myself to score I would definitely be a lot better, help please.
A: You know,that once happened to me too.I did spiritual training,going “I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best””I’m the best”.When going to sleep or before a match,when you train and fall behind 50%,for example,4-9 FG.Go to the board and do some easy layups,when you get ahead 50%,you will have a better peace of mind.I’m pretty sure this video can help you.Pistol Pete,Pete Maravich.Made me start basketball,I admire his perseverence and geniune love for basketball.I hope to be like him ^_^.
Any tips on how to be more confident around guys?
Q: I’m really shy and i usually don’t talk to any guys and whenever I do can never hold a conversation, I’m afraid that I’ll be single the rest of my life. help!
A: do you have any friends that are confident with guys? have them introduce you to them and you can start feeling comfortable with them. dont start off thinking about them as boyfriend potential. think of being friends with them first so then you’ll be more comfortable. do you have any guys you talk to? start by just talking to some of them in class. start talking about school related stuff (tests, homeowork,teacher) then you’ll learn more about eachother so you can talk about more things. good luck!answer mine?
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