Does everyone have weird thoughts

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Every person has weird thoughts. It may differ from person to person but it’s a common thing. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it weird when you think that everyone, at one point, was a wri…?
I know. I just hope all my best and most gifted children aren’t like, in my mattress or on the bathroom floor of a gas station somewhere.
Will everyone think your weird?
My advice to you is give it time and find out if you’re really bi or not. It’s natural for you to be curious about this, don’t let people tell you it’s not. If you find out you are then you can worry about telling them. What if you go ahead…
Why does everyone think im weird?
I think people are just a little shocked that you’re branching out now because you were so shy as a younger kid. You have to pick the right people to talk to. Look for a sweet girl who seems approachable and go for it. Some people can be re…

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I love everyone on Yahoo answers in a respectful way. Like Family. Does that make me weird?
Q: I look forward to my time on yahoo answers every night to read all the thoughts and answers and opinions of diverse people from all over the world.What a privileged. I could just hug all you Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Jewish , Islam, Deists, maybe some Scientologist people just not tom cruiseBut…As my Question states ” Does that make me weird? “
A: Aww, I love you too! And no, it doesnt make you weird, it makes you refreshing and thoughtful.Enjoy your night!
Why does having sex feel good to everyone else but weird, slightly painful, & uncomfortable to me?
Q: I don’t like the feeling of something being inside of me (whether it be a penis or a finger). & then I freak out & feel like I’m gonna die because it feels SO weird that I cant handle it. Do you think it might be my antidepressants causing me to physically feel this way, & my sexually repressive (judgmental & biased) family make me feel psychologically this way? I always feel guilty & filthy after sex, & I worry, hoping I’m not pregnant or that I don’t have an STD, even though I use a condom every time. I’m 24, & people didn’t oppose my twin for having 3 kids, but they think I’m mentally incompetent & crazy & don’t have the mentality to raise a child. I have a college degree. She doesn’t. They think she has more COMMON sense than I do. I wonder if my family’s repression triggered off my OCD unwanted, intrusive, & graphic sexual thoughts. I hear all the time how people say how GREAT sex is. Including my friend. I haven’t had sex in 10 1/2 months. I was raped in my early adulthood, too.
A: It is most likely because of what happened in early adulthood. I was married for six months when the same thing happened to me. (not from my husband) After that it felt very intrusive, and I found it hard to give him attention in bed. It was hard and scary, but I talked to someone about it and it has helped. Only go as far as you want to. You also need loving support from friends and family and if you don’t have that where you are you should look for more supportive friends. Best of luck hang in there girl!
Certain scents bring back feelings, memories and thoughts…does this happen to everyone?
Q: And why? It’s so weird. When I smell a certain scent, I’ll get this feeling rush over me and it’s the SAME feeling that I had or mood I was in when I first discovered the scent. It’s hard to explain but is anyone else like this?
A: YES IT IS!!!! Our brains have a certain spot saved for memories and scent is one of the strongest memories someone can have!!!
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