How can I erase bad memories from my mind for good

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Scientists have found evidence that people can actively suppress disturbing memories by choosing to not think about them, a MORE? [ Source: ]
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Why is it the bad memories stay in our mind more so than the good…?
Good memories are defenitely kept in your brain! However, bad experiences seem to be more accessable in your memory. Your brain is a very effeciently space saving device that archives memories that are a:not used a lot, b: were not moments …

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How do i completely erase a bad memory from my mind that happened in the past?
Q: about a year ago i had a bad experience with my girlfriend and another guy. Although i have stayed with her and forgiven her i can’t truley stop thinking about what she did and it is creating a lot of problems in our realtionship. The one horrible thing that i’ve done to my girlfriend she took it out of her mind and she says she doesnt care about it anymore. How am i able to completely erase this bad memory from my mind so i can stop thinking about it and reliving the experience.
A: there is no way of erasing the past; if you Truly wish to move on from the past and are unable to do so you may need to see a doctor.
Would you erase someone from your mind even if it meant erasing the good memories as well as the bad?
A: Experiences both good and bad make up who we are.If you like who you are, then you don’t want to erase things.If you don’t like who you are,,,erase away.
If you could erase one bad memory from your mind?
Q: What would it be?
A: At first I was going to say being molested and raped since I was a kid, but then I realized that its an important part of what makes me strong, and without it I couldn’t help others who have been through the same. Next idea was miscarriage, but I don’t think I want to forget a life, no matter how brief. Bad relationships were learning experiences… really almost everything has a point. Maybe I should just forget all the times I’ve forgotten something silly and embarrassed myself!
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