How can you keep them from yelling

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Apologize to your mother if you have said or done that has offended her. Make sure your actions & words are mature & wise. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How to Keep from Yelling at Children
On Monday we started discussing when nannies yell at children. To continue the discussion Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., the international peacemaker and founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Cleveland, Ohio, has created a simpl…
Why is everyone keep yelling at me?
Cookie is ashamed of you. He will never forgive you.
Why does my mom keep yelling at me?
ask and have your teacher write them down and have your teacher sign it. then your mom will know what you need to be and stay in school.

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is it against the law to prevent a child from breathing to keep them from yelling in Idaho?
Q: like if they wont quiet down and you cover there mouth and nose until they shush is that agianst the law
A: Listen Sam, I know you’re a young kid so you may not realize it but when you cover someones mouth and nose you could kill them. You don’t want to kill your little brother or sister do you? Heck no, if it were the other way around and you were the one crying and your older brother covered your mouth so you couldn’t cry, wouldn’t that scare you, sure it would! Regarding your fears about 7th grade. You are a very smart young man, believe me you won’t have any trouble with it, really! Now when you start your 1st year of high school, well that might be a little scary. Don’t worry, be happy!
How do you keep babies from yelling/screaming?
Q: I really need help with this, because my baby sister always yells. It sometimes gets SO annoying and I don’t want to slap it or anything like that. Any tips? PS It’s 1 year old.
A: When my nieces and nephew were around that age, I used to let them play with water. I’d take them to the sink and run the water and let them stick their hands under it. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold. Or I’d blow bubbles for them, but that doesn’t always work because they’d want to blow bubbles too.
How do you keep your grandpa from yelling racial epithets at the TV when Obama comes on?
Q: You know, I have to admit it was a little entertaining for the first few weeks, but we’re beginning to worry about his blood pressure. Bless his heart.
A: tell him hes an ignorant bigot.
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