How do I conquer loneliness

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Dealing with loneliness is a very delicate balancing act. Sometimes you have to sit at home and face it, but sometimes you MORE [ Source: ]
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How to conquer loneliness?
Each of us experiences the world in a unique way. We look at life through the lens of our total life experiences…., our emotions, physical prowess, physical limitations, self perceptions, etc. In essence we feel alone in our sorrows bec…
How do you overcome lonliness?
To be loved and to be cared for is universal need. But physical intimacy is only temporary. Email, chatting, telephones, meetings, partying can be superficial and can not satisfy the deep need of consolation. Inner restlessness can be ove…
Can a man conquer loneliness?
Yes. Put relationships first. Find the woman of your dreams, cherish her with all of your might. It works. I guarantee it. Always put relationships in your life first! Find the woman of your dreams. When you do, recognize it, pursue it. You…

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How to conquer loneliness?
Q: Whether alone or in a relationship, how do you conquer the feeling of loneliness and the feeling that you are the only one experiencing the sorrows of life by yourself?
A: Each of us experiences the world in a unique way. We look at life through the lens of our total life experiences…., our emotions, physical prowess, physical limitations, self perceptions, etc. In essence we feel alone in our sorrows because we are alone in the way in which we experience those sorrows. We likely feel the “aloneness” most acutely, when we are depressed, feeling a little blue, or stressed about a major life trauma. I think the way to deal with this feeling of “aloneness” is to connect by doing something that takes us outside of ourselves…. Volunteer at an animal shelter, or childrens’ hospital. Also, staying active helps…..exercise….team sports…both of which offer another way to connect to other people. In addition, there are natural nutritional approaches to improve mood.If you can’t seem to shake this feeling, then counseling may help. Sometimes there is an event that is exacerbating this lonely feeling. If we can understand the root of the exaggerated feeling of loneliness, sometimes we can soften this common and natural feeling so that it does not interfere with our enjoyment of daily life. We are all just muddling through life, doing the best we can. Best wishes on your journey.
How do I conquer loneliness, from the onset of divorce and depression?
Q: I am a 31 year old single black guy who lives in suburban Atlanta. I am divorced as of November 2007, and have been separated since June 2007. My ex-wife of 3 years, quickly remarried in February 2008, and she is expecting her second child, from her second husband in November 2008. I have a 5 y/o son. I am feeling the onset of loneliness and depression, and I am finding it difficult to date, because I am still stuck in that, I want to be married again mode. Yet, I am finding that a lot of the women here age 28 to 45, act very immature (more like 10 years younger than how they are suppose to act). They all seem to be threatened when you talk about forming a relationship, and see it as “rushing into things” instead of progress. The women here are more interested in dating, rather than settling down and having a traditional relationship. How do I conquer this lonely state that I am in? I don’t have any friends here, and I am quite shy, soft-spoken, more of a maverick and quite different from your stereotypical black male to make any. No one my age likes to play basketball here (as in no adult leagues exist here), and I feel as though I have no niche. My family (ex-wife and son) was my life, and now they all live in economically-depressed Memphis. I don’t know what to do.NO CLICHEED TERMS PLEASEI have met 169 women in a total of 16 months. No such luck since my separation.
A: Join the gym. Take a yoga class. You will meet a few people this way. Feeling good physically helps you mentally. Don’t worry about your ex and what she is up to. She will probably wind up divorced again as hastily made decisions turn out badly. Embrace your singleness. LOL In time, you will find someone.
how do i conquer loneliness?I don’t have friends and Im a single mom, I am tried of being a mom and alone..?
A: FAmily and friends will fill the gap if that doesnt work do something funjoin a cadio classjoin a gym join a club martial artsswimming lessons acting lessonssomething that makes your happy.or start dating againi suggest going to church and praying about it i mean it .be involved and ask GOD
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