What does it mean if you have a dream and you die in it

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To dream that you die in your dream, symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive MORE. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-have-a-dream-and-you-die-in-it ]
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What does it mean to dream that you died?
This may be long but read it, it may help I wouldn’t worry to much, also be careful how much violence you watch or listen to, that can also have a profound affect on the sub-conscience mind. Dream Interpretation Death To dream of seeing any…
What does it mean to die in your dream?
Death in a dream does NOT signify actual death of a person or animal but the end of something and beginning of a new thing. Dreaming that you, yourself, are dying could indicate a change in you or your circumstances. As dreams aren’t very g…
Do dreams of death mean I am going to die?
I’ve died a few times in my dreams long ago and it was ok. I remember I once dreamed I died when I was a teenager at the hand of the other kids in the neighborhoods whom I wasn’t getting along well. When they killed me, my point-of-view and…

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What does it mean if you die in a dream?
Q: Actually in this dream I had last night, me and two other members of my family, were murdered. And I actually died. The last thing I remember right before I woke up was being shot in the head, I fell backwards, everything went dark, then I woke up. I know dreams usually mean something totally different than what you dreamed about. So what does it mean if you actually die in a dream?
A: Don’t worry about those answers saying that you will die(obviously you will die some day or the other).WHEN I WAS 10 ,I HAD A DREAM IN WHICH I DIED BUT AT 18 I AM STILL ALIVE.
What does it mean when you die in a dream? And does it feel like that in real life when you die?
Q: Ok so my dad and my mom were arguing in the dream. That happens in real life, too. Ok my dad was in the kitchen, this may be disturbing, getting a knife. My mom was in my room and they were yelling at each other. I told my dad “Stop it.” I think it meant dont do anything with the knife. He turned around and stabbed me right in the heart, I think. It felt so weird. Actually, I didnt feel ANY paint at all. I just got all goose bumpy and felt just weird. Now, my dad and my mom do argue sometimes. But my dad would NEVER kill me. He does have anger issues. Well, not really but he is angry sometimes. But he would never kill me. Anybody know what this dream means?
A: I see it as their arguing is breaking your heart.The goosebumps feeling was due to your body not knowing what that pain would actually feel like.
what does it mean when i dream bout Huge cockroaches that will not die?
Q: okay i had a dream last night about 2 huge cockroaches running everywhere and i tried killing them with everything but they wouldn’t die…What does the dream mean?
A: Unfortunatly this question cannot be answered, tho some people may believe it can be…if they are followers of freud or psychoanalysts that believe each thing in a dream symbolizes something specific and objective. However, I believe that it may symbolize something, but what a cockroach is to you may not be what a cockroach is to someone else. This theme is common in dreams – trying to do something and failing over and over again. That could be anything in life that you are trying to do but failing at…at least thats what i see when i have dreams with this theme. But dreams are hard to analyze from other peoples perspective because only you know what your dream truly was and only you know what causes you anxiety in life…
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