How do i handle with a death

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Don’t buy into the myth, especially if you’re a guy, that you have to act a certain way. It is natural to cry. It is necessary. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 The first emotion you feel when you hear a loved one has died is almost always denial. NO, it can’t… ・ 2 Once you realize that your loved one is truly gone, you usually feel a great gaping hole in your life… ・ 3 Ask other family mem…
You handle it anyway you can. You will go through stages of anger, grief, depression, and sorrow. You have to reflect on the good times you had with your cousin! Keep in mind that he is in a better place now! Talk to your friends, parents, …
Course you are not heartless. Everyone deals with death in different ways. So long as you remember that person and what they had done with their lives, then, that is a ll that matters. Doesn’t require you to cry about it for 10 months. When…

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How Will The UFC Handle a Death?
Q: It’s a tough sport, and injuries in that kind of fighting are inevitable. The question is not IF, but when. How will the UFC/ MMA organizations handle death?Good Point Hombre.
A: This is a situation where boxing has it easier, so many fighters have died as a result of in-ring injuries in boxing that it’s no longer a big deal when it happens and the media largely ignores it. The first death that occurs in the UFC will generate a huge backlash from the press and MMA haters (who already go overboard with the cries of bloodsports, and barbarism). I imagine the UFC’s strategy will be to focus on the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by other sports. It’s all about perception, in America each year more cheerleaders are injured than football players, but you never hear anyone crying about a ban on cheerleading.
Atheist How do you handle the death of a loved one?
Q: Do you handle Death pretty good or is it something that takes a while for you to get over?Be nice and play well with others here [smiles]
A: Death sucks, but it is innevitable. I always miss those close to me that die, because I know I will never get to have a conversation with them.Are we supposed to handle it differently than anyone else?
how do you handle greif and death of family members or freiends?
Q: do you just want to be by yourself?do you want your partner there with you for support and or comfort?or do you just cry until you cant cry no more?push it down and dont deal with it?im just curious about this as i have handled deaths differently at different times myself.
A: I know it’s going to sound like I’m emotionless, (maybe I am a bit, well from Time to Time), But I just do handle it well, I just get on with my Life the Best I can, No, I don’t forget them, I still Visit, Their Place of Rest, and go in to the Chapel of Remembrance, I just get on with my life, the best that I can…
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