How do you have self esteem

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To begin gaining self esteem, identify troubling conditions or situations, become aware of beliefs & thoughts, pinpoint…MORE [ Source: ]
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Everyone has a job. You are young and your job is mostly likely “student.” So focus on your school work and try to understand the material. Study hard– I don’t mean be a nervous wreck, just study every day and read the textbooks …
These are the things people obsess over and pour their entire selves into in a desire to achieve better self esteem. But God says these things are idols. And these are things we have no control over. Weight changes every time we have a baby…
Self-esteem literally means to esteem, or respect, yourself. Having high self-esteem means that you have a positive image of yourself. Let’s look at where such a positive self-image comes from. In her classic book Celebrate Yourself, Doroth…

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Have you ever had personal relationships with one sign that have hurt your self esteem?
Q: i mean u can never go there again – that they have almost ruined your chances of ever having a relationship with the same sign even though they may not be the same but you assume they are because of the damage that the previous people have done?My mother destroyed my self-esteem too she is a Virgo – Im a Sag
A: I have had relationships with 5 capricorn my first love at 16 wow so long ago was a capricorn and then the 1 & 2nd one cheated the 3rd was always way too busy 4th and i just didnt mesh as well after awhile he cheated and now this last one we have been together for a long time and he literally treated me like crap at the end hes been telling me what to do dictating my every mood turned really possessive and very mean he tells me im an idiot all the time and pretty much calls me annoying and good for nothing i mean he is down right awful lately and finally we ended. My lovely child is a capricorn and he can be just as stuborn and hateful. I love capricorn people as people but my heart is so fragile when it comes to them and i feel like dating another one again would be way too painful for me to endure it i have so many painful memories of these people to the point even me beging gemini who can move on from relationships can not move past these painful experiances. I think i even told my mother today over the phone that if someone told me im capricorn who im dating again id run screaming and not look back, they are just so mean sometimes and im just not strong enough to handle it anymore im finally coming to terms with the fact that my boyfriend was my love and my best friend one of the most amazing people whom i have ever met in my life so strong and so hard working someone who i know will be a great man someday but the anger that spews out from him and the pain he put me through with infedility and having me do alot of things i hated, as well as my ex’s well its just way too much for me to ever want to go back to anything near what we had again and i doubt i ever would sorry this is turning into a mini story but i just feel like with capricorns and myself there will never be a happy ending who knows though im never one to judge based on signs when i like someone and im almost sure this wont be the last time my heart is broken to bits by a capricorn man.
How to deal with a guy who has low self-esteem/low self-confidence?
Q: I’m into him and attracted to him. Anything I should do or look out for or remember when trying to date him? We haven’t dated yet (if we do).
A: You are very smart to ask about thins in advance. Maybe you are better then most females today. I wish I could find one like you who has enough concern and feeling to at least ask about dating someone shy and with low esteem. I can tell you what not to do. Don’t tell him you wont hurt him and then do so intentionally. If you are going to give him a chance, don’t do it half assed. Give him time to open up to you. He will I can assure you of that. It may take some time though. When he does don’t drop him for doing so. Don’t expect he is going to want to rush anything including kissing, sex etc. Shy guys want a true loving relationship not a one night stand. When the time comes display affection by holding his hand and take any other physical contact slowly unless he begins to feel comfortable enough with you where he make the first move.Be understanding and considerate to his feelings. If you don’t you will destroy him. I can attest to that. I just had it happen to me in the last couple months. In the 2 cases in my life where I liked someone, once I got comfortable with them….I was dumped. I wont try again. Please don’t do that to him. The last person I was seeing recently knew how I was an she set out to hurt me. And she did. You seem like a caring person who doesn’t want to hurt him. Again why couldn’t I have met someone like you?
is it bad to have high self esteem?
Q: why do people encourage high self esteem and than when that person does have high self esteem and think their pretty, people say”oh she is conceited, she is a narcissit, she thinks shes the shit but she isn’t.” But doesn’t society want us to think we look good, and when we do people critize? it is confusing. same thing with jealousy, when we say so and so has a problem with me, ppl would say “dont worry, their jealous, and so is this person etc.” and than we do say they are jealous, they say “oh please theirs nothing to be jealous(not to our face)”
A: There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with who you are, but that means having a good awareness of both your strengths and your weaknesses. Some studies I’ve read suggest that all the “self esteem” promotion among young people is in fact not all that great for them, in that it promotes self centeredness and a lack of healthy humility and the ability to value others equally with oneself. It will certainly not win anyone any friends or appreciation if they go around acting like they are deeply aware of their own superiority! Even if someone is pretty, it can be useful to remember there is always someone prettier, and there is no reason to be overly proud of things you haven’t done for yourself–looks are something you are born with. And, it is wise to be quiet about your own accomplishments and generous about those of others.
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