How do you help someone with depression

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If you know someone with depression it helps to: be on their side, give plenty of reassurance, Give Understanding and MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Study everything that you possibly can about depression and its treatments. Get as much insight to… ・ 2 Make time for yourself. Caring for someone who is depressed can be highly stressful and emotionally… ・ 3 Be reliable. A depresse…
・ Help the person to recognize that there is a problem. If a friend or family member’s activity and outlook… ・ Explain that asking for help does not mean they lack moral character. On the contrary, it takes both… ・ Learn everything you …
If you suspect that they are seriously depressed, it is best to refer them or get them help right away. Getting a person involved in extracurricular activities can also help if the problem isn’t really serious. Depression can seriously affe…

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How do you turn your depression into anger?
Q: If you even can possibly do something like that?I really hate it how like every time Im mad it ends up me being depressed, it f*cking sucks. And I would definitely prefer being f*cking pissed then being depressed, ya know?So do you have any ways of channeling that depression into anger?
A: Think of whats making you depressed. Hate that thing. Spit at it. Despise it. Wish it to burn in Hell. Possibly punch something. Think of things that make you angry. Keep on doing that something. Usually when I get angry I feel a sort of tension in my muscles. If I try to stop the tension it doesn’t go away. If I break something or just scream, I start to feel better after a while. Everytime you get depressed, just try doing that. I don’t know if it’ll help you, or if I’m just wierd.
Would sleeping with the lights on help with winter depression?
Q: The lack of light in winter is one of the causes Seasonal Affective Disorder. Would sleeping with fluorescent or incandescent lights on help at all?
A: No, it would probably just make you more depressed from disrupted sleep. Get some full spectrum lights and use them in the evening and around your house when you are home during the day, and get outside as much as you can.
My husband has labels from depression era and World War 2. How do I find someone to sell the labels for us?
Q: We are trying to raise money for our church. My husband has labels from Alaska canneries during depression and pre World War 2. Where can we find someone to sell these labels?
A: Check you yellow pages for local reps of Ebay.
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