How do you make people smile

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When you approach another person, make eye contact, greet them, and smile. Smile as you talk to people. They will mirror you. [ Source: ]
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How to Make People Smile
・ 1 Tell someone that they look nice. Everyone likes to be complimented on how they look and it is really… ・ 2 Tell your family how much you love them. This will make everyone happier and bring your family together. ・ 3 Hold the door for …
Do you like making people smile?
How many times have you called a customer service line, only to end up tired, frustrated and angry? To you, customer service should be more than saying “have a nice day”; it should make sure that you are happier at the end of the…
Why bother trying to make people smile?
Firstly, it makes you feel good about yourself. When you make someone happy you really feel like you have done something good. So making other people happy makes you happier. Secondly, it is healthy. If you smile at someone and make them sm…

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Need tips on how to make people smile when taking portraits. Help?
Q: I need people to smile with their eyes, not just their mouths.-I’m photographing elementary school kids for school photos.
A: Honest to god…. this works… when photographing women, say OK ladies,….. stick out your titts and say s hit….. The girls will break out in a natural laugh. When photographing boys instead saying cheese oh guy….. say Shi t !! The natural laugh at the unexpected will work everytime !!
Why do people MAKE their kids smile in photos?
Q: Why do so many parents think it’s so important for their kids to smile in ALL photos…it’s just so fake & unnatural. You see when their adults as soon as a camera comes out..out comes the cheesy smile it’s so annoying.Photos look so much better and classier with normal faces sometimes, not the put on smile.I have an aunt who was trying so hard to get her boys to smile in the xmas photos…she started yelling at them!A nice genuine smile sometimes is nice…but come on!
A: I try to get my daughter to smile in some photos, but also we take lots where she isn’t smiling, because I love photos like that. for example I have a xmas pic of her from this last xmas, and she isn’t smiling, and she is gorgeous in it!
Have you noticed how people smile and laugh when babies make pooping sounds and grunting faces?
Q: I guess they’re not the ones who have to clean up the mess.Are they laughing at the baby or the person responsible for cleaning up?
A: it’s just ‘cute’ because we can’t do it any more. Who in the world would think an adult (even wearing Depends) making grunting noises and funny red faces would think it is cute! >erg< Who’d wanna clean up that mess!
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