How does music effect your mood

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Since it is a form of expression (art) and is a form of energy; music can give off feelings of emotion and thought. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How does music effect your mood?
I definitely agree… Ive been dealing with a lot recently and I found myself listening to a lot of blues and n jazz…Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Frankie Lymon. Your mood definitely affects the type of music you listen to.
Does music effect your mood?
With all due respect, I honestly had no idea that people would consider certain types of music to be a “bad” influence! –Then again, I’m just an old, retro-sophisticated hippie (question as to the “sophisticated”) who l…
Why does music effect our mood?
The rhythm affects humans on a subliminal level. Light music can help you relax and rock music get you excited but leaves you slightly disturbed in other words you’ll feel it tough to concentrate on mentally stressful tasks with as much eas…

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Does certain music effect your mood?
Q: Does the music you listen to effect you and put you in that mood?such as does sad music make you sad?
A: Music is not meant to depress, it is simply there to relate. If you are in a sad mood don’t try to lighten your mood by listening to up beat music. The more you relate to an artist the more effect you get from the music. music is meant for connection not to change. Not to say that listening to a song can’t make you happy but if you hear words that you can relate to you get more of an understanding of the emotion.
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Q: it is a scince project and i really need help so hurry!
A: Here’s a start:Music Improves MoodWhen That Music Starts To Play, Bad Moods Go and Good Moods StayBy Daniel J. DeNoon WebMD Medical NewsOct. 22, 2003 — No matter what kind of music you listen to, it makes your mood better. At least it works for college students, report Valerie N. Stratton, PhD, and Annette H. Zalanowski, of Penn State University, Altoona. The researchers — Stratton teaches psychology and Zalanowski teaches music — studied their students’ moods in response to music. The psychology and music students kept two-week music-listening diaries. They also reported their moods before and after each musical episode. The results appear in a recent issue of Psychology and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal. “Not only did our sample of students report more positive emotions after listening to music, but their already positive emotions were intensified by listening to music,” Stratton says in a news release. It didn’t matter whether the students listened to rock/pop, soft rock/easy listening, oldies, classical, or new-age music. It also didn’t seem to matter whether the music was played during an activity — such as dressing or driving — or whether it was played while socializing. After listening, the psychology students were more optimistic, joyful, friendly, relaxed, and calm. They also were less pessimistic and sad. Music, however, did not entirely soothe the frightened beast in student breasts. After listening, they did not report being less fearful. For the music students, music did not seem to be the food of love. “Every positive mood except loving rose in intensity after episodes of listening to music,” Zalanowski says in a news release. “Meanwhile, most of the negative moods showed a drop in frequency — except sad, hateful, and aggressive, which either stayed the same or increased slightly.” But the psychology students and the music students were more alike than they were different. When it came to listening preferences, both overwhelmingly chose rock.
Why does music effect your mood?
Q: I find it strange…I could be in the worst of form and put on a real dancy cd and all of a sudden my mood lifts or if I put on a slow song cd it could make me weepy etc…Does music have this effect on you
A: Worryingly it affects the way i’m driving.I have noticed that if the music is a real rock sort of song i tend to drive harder and more aggressively, something laid back gets me to relax and slow down.Just as wel i don’t listen to punk or i’d be gobbing on pedestrians out of the window!
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