How to cure a bad mood

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I would suggest listening to some upbeat music. I say you should dl 257 weeks by 9 days. MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to cure a bad mood
Yesterday sucked for no reason at all, other than being a bit tired and probably hormonal. Whatever, it was no fun for me, and probably less for my family. So my plan was to have a good night’s sleep Attitude adjustment Posted on Wednesday …
What are your remedy’s for curing a bad mood?
First of all, you say ” I get upset easily.” No you don’t. That assumes that getting upset is soemthing that happens TO you from outside yourself. You CHOOSE to be upset, to upset yourself over events that happen to you. Got a b…

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Survey: How do you cure your bad mood?
Q: I’m in a good mood…just a question.Thanks everyone!
A: Hey Haley.I listen to Lil Wayne REALLY loud, Talk to Manny or Drink 🙂
Whats the cure to a bad mood with no cause?
Q: Usually I am a really happy, perky person… but sometimes i wake up in a terrible mood! whats a helper other than exercises to make me in a better mood?
A: listen to upbeat music, positive self talk (see websites)
Songs to cure a raging bad mood?
Q: Okay I just went nuts at my computer cause it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I’m in a mood where if anyone were to walk in, I am unsure of whether I could control my mood. Any song suggestions on music to stop me from wanting to commit murderous bloodshed?R&P: Help me stop being an angry person…
A: Try these:Some Might Say by OasisLovely Day by Bill WithersPounding by DovesBig Girls Are Best by U2New Sensation by INXSOk, that’s enough I guess. Hope you like those.
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