Is slitting your wrists bad for you

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Yes, this could cause death. Do you need the number for a suicide hotline? [ Source: ]
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Is it bad if I want to slit my wrists?
It’s a bad way to express your emotions. It is not “emo”, as people say. Emo is a music genre. (Anyways…) I suggest writing poetry about the way you feel, or talking with others about things. Incorporate good, healthy things int…

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Is it bad if I want to slit my wrists?
Q: I want to slit but i am reading books and writing about doing it instead i have never cut before.
A: Wanting to in itself is not bad. But doing so could be very detrimental. Please get help.
I have a problem with slitting my wrists?
Q: I can stop. It just akes me feel so much better after a bad day. I get made fun of for the scars, what should i do?
A: I love how people think just because they say stop you can stop on your own. I understand what youre feeling, i was very reluctant to go to a psychiatrist but it helped alot. You should try it too if you cant do that try talking to friends somebody that you can truly trust or a family member about how you’re feeling. Its really not just the bad days that make you feel this way, i think you have depression. Really try to see a professional though before something worse happens.
help friend slitting wrists!, legs!, sides! and even her neck!!!!!!!!?
Q: shes mental in the head i dont know whats wrong with her she doesnt look depressed or act depressed or anything even though she is really quiet. I was in english when i noticed her wrists had been slit both sides (like all the way around her arm) and she had red scatches on her neck and like stab woundsi dont want to ask her why she is doing it or what she thinks shes doing because im not that type of person i dont want to embarress her but its really bad on her neck, wrists legs and sides what can i do to helpwe are friends but not like total good mates we hang about at school and that but im still concernedwhat should i do???on one ocassion she actually admited she was slitting her wrists and i was like omg!!!!!!!!plz help
A: Often times people cut, carve, etc. because they don’t know how to deal with stress or their environment otherwise. I used to carve when I was overwhelmed with emotions because I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of my emotions otherwise; it became like an addiction after a while. Luckily I kicked the habit. A few friends of mine still have this problem though. Some people do it to get rid of stress, some do it to distract themselves from thoughts or memories, and some do it because they want to feel like they have some control in their life.Honestly the best thing you can do is listen to her. Ask her what’s going on in her life. Show her that you’re definitely there for her and you won’t betray her trust. I think going straight to a counselor would betray her trust so you might want to try talking to her about it first. Chances are she’s not going to do anything fatal any time soon. The best thing you can ever do for someone is show that you’re willing to listen and you’re someone they can trust. Perhaps she has problems at home or troubling memories. Talking about them helps. Why do you think psychiatrists make so much money..
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