What are some ways you clear your mind

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Research shows that meditation can be helpful in facilitating forgiveness and letting go of rumination and negative emotions. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-ways-you-clear-your-mind ]
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What are some ways to clear up my mind?
Slow and deliberate deep breathes and surround yourself with quiet time and peace and relax in bed or tub and either enjoy the stillness of silence b4 playing real smooth jazz or an artist that calms your nerves. d
What are ways I can clear my mind mentally?
Hello Sirius Here are some ways to clear you mind. Being some of them can be extremely usefully very fast I caution not to overdo them to quickly. One is to count from 1 to 9 the 9 to 1 over and over again in your mind, clearing away all th…
What are some ways to not worry about things as much, and to clea…?
I agree with jims mom. Find an activity to take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you. Realize that your mind might still work on the problem. I have found creativity and solutions to problems at moments when I consciously was …

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What are some ways to clear the mind?
Q: could you please help or tell me some ways of clearing my mind, without drugs or drinking. i would like to know some, and i mean, fully clear my mind. thank you.
A: hold your breath for 30 to 45 seconds. also listen to pleasant music while exercising
what are some ways to clear your mind, basically relaxe?
A: take a martial arts class, join a meditation group, go jogging, go swimming, get a massage, get a facial, do some stretching for an hour, watch the sunset, go to the beach or go hiking, drink lots of water, have some wine, take a bubble bath, listen to new age relaxing and soothing music, take ten deep breaths
What are ways to help clear your mind?
Q: I always seem to have trouble keeping a strait thought when I want to, no I do not have attention disorder. My mind just sometimes clutters up and I can never seem to un-clutter it. I have tried to sit and meditate to help clear my head but something just does not seem right. Can anyone think of a successful way to help with this?
A: your mind can be affected by many things. following are 2 areas that can be altered to clear your mind. 1) your mood / emotion.if you are anxious or nervous, then various thoughts come up. when you have too many thoughts coming up, the your brain is cluttered. if you are clam and relaxed, you can focus better. so, how to be calm and relaxed? different people do different thing to acheive that. a few things that worked for me in the past include taking deep breath, exercising, walking, listening to calming music, i particularly enjoy foreign songs which i have no idea of what the lyrics says. that way i don’t think about the lyrics, but just feel what the singer trying to say thru the music, drawing, having a warm drink. the list goes on and on, and each person has different ways to calm oneself. if you have tried ti meditate, that means you have tried a few things. keep trying, you will find something that can help u to relax. i am not stating that i can control my mood or emotion. : ) it is just that knowing what you can do to alter your mood, you have a better chances of clearing your mind. 2) your physical surrounding.if you are in a cluttered chaotic room, you would feel cramped and castrophobic. if you are in an open field with fresh air, you would feel more open, and relaxed. may be you cannot be in an open field all the time. but you can create an enviroment that’s calm and allow your mind to think clearly. take one step at a time. first, declutter and clear and clean your desk, then your bedroom, then your wallet. removing physical clutters surrounding you can help you to clear up your mind. it might sound irrelevant, however, when you actually do it, you mind would be de-cluttered too. being in an open /clutter free / clean enviroment can profoundly reduce your stress level. this is a fact. and it is a simple thing that everybody can do. There are many other ways to clear you mind. the above two are the starter.
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