What are the seven signs

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1. Conquest, 2. War, 3. Famine, 4. Death, 5. Vision of martyrs, 6. Earthquake and the marking of the 144000, 7. end of the world. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-seven-signs ]
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What are the seven signs of the Apocalypse?
Aren’t those the signs Jesus talked about in Matthew 24?・ (1) There will be many who claim to be Christ returned, and many who believe. ・ (2) Wars and rumor of wars. ・ (3) Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. ・ (4…
What are the seven warning signs of cancer?
C- change in bowel or bladder habit (colon cancer) A- a sore that doesn’t heal on skin or on mouth U- unusual bleeding or discharge from rectum, bladder, or vagina T- thickening or lump in the breast tissue I- indigestion or difficulty swal…
Where are the seven signs mentioned in the Bible?
The Bible does not include a definitive list of seven signs. Popular culture and various Christian sects created this concept based on their interpretations of events prophesied to take place before Armageddon, or the final battle of good a…

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what are the seven signs of the Apocalypse?
Q: I’ve been wondering what the seven signs are. Most websites are untrustworthy and I don’t feel like reading hundreds of pages in the bible right now.
A: Read Revelations. There’s more than 7 signs!
besides the seven signs of cancer are there any other ways of finding out if a person has the disease?
Q: Recently a neighbour died from cancer. Although I visited this person, I could not tell. A relative said that the doctor found fluid on his lungs and could do nothing about it.What are some of the common and not so common signs of cancer whether in male or female?
A: No, you cannot tell . . because the body is a large place . . and cancer refers to one cell that has mutated and begun to grow. Cancer is a progressive disease, which means it will start out very, very small and grow indefinitely. Cancer is your own cells . . any one of them . . any of them at any given time can develop cancer . . a kidney cell is different than a brain cell that is different from a colon cell . . so there is absolutely no way to know in the early stages that you have cancer. The body does not recognize a tumor as anything foreign and can co-exist quite awhile with the tumor. It isn’t until the late or advanced stages that you start to have symptoms . . sometimes . . Cancer is progressive . . it starts out small and grows . . when it gets big enough it may start to invade local tissue and cause some type of vague pain, uneasiness, or other symptom. By the time cancer becomes noticed it is usually already large, more than one, and it may have metastasized which means it send new metastatic cells into the blood stream. Those new cancer cells can travel anywhere in the body and start a whole new colony of cancer. That is probably what happened to your neighbor. Cancer is often not that painful until the very end stages . . it will hurt only if the tumor is invading tissue, disrupting body functions, or pressing on nerves. Otherwise . . no pain.Wish there were more signs . . but the truth is that cancer can be totally misdiagnosed for quite some time . . especially in young people.
What are the seven signs of a rap cat?
Q: Its mentions in numerous Andre Nickatina Songs. I guess you must know what a rap cat is to know the signs eh? help me out we wanna know!
A: Andre Nickatina sounds like a Vietnamese Drag Queen
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