What do babys Think

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Pre-verbal infants have limited memory, attention and knowledge that narrow their focus. They categorize things differently. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-babys-think ]
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Babies think about everything any other people think about. They just don’t talk about it. Babies think about everything any other people think about. They just don’t talk about it.
I remember being a baby. I remember a lot of the thoughts I had when I was young, surprisingly. I remember before I could speak, in my crib I would see the adults and think to myself … am I really going to be as big as them? Other thin…
it is now possible to literally read the minds of infants. Despite the potential “brain drain” risks reported in a recent Newsweek covers story (one test child was rendered so mindless he is now mistaken almost daily for Maury P…

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What do you think my doctor will do if my babys heart rate was going up and down?
Q: i went today for my weekly NST and my babys fetal heart tone was going up and down what do you think she will do ??? im 35 wks pregnant …also i was having contractions well i think they were braxton hicks im not sure…but my stomache got hard on top and on the bottom it was hurting. Has this happened to you ? if so what happened to you or what your doctor do?she was not there to begin with (my doctor) the nurse called her but she was at the hospital doing a c section so i had to leave and they said they would call me or something and no one has called yet maybe tomorrow.
A: im 36 weeks and have been going for a NST every week. the lowest a babies heart rate should get is around 110 (pretty much when they are sleeping.) the highest when very active should be about 180-190 at the most ( think, i know its around there but dont worry unless it goes up A LOT more then this)generally when the baby is awake and just squirming and everything then the heart rate can jump up and down from about 120-170.do you remember what the lowest and highest his/her heart rate got?
what do you think about salma hayek breastfeeding malnourished babys in africa?
Q: http://growingyourbaby.com/category/salma-hayek/ i personally think its a beautiful thing she is doing helping make these babys a little healthier. my question if you had the resources both in the ability to travel and the extra milk would you do the same i would!
A: I do think its wonderful and awesome! I teared up when I saw that on TV. I would definitely do what she did if I have resources and ability. There is a website where you can donate your breast milk. http://www.breastmilkproject.org/ I wish I knew this 8 years ago when I had baby and always end up throwing away milk…
When do you think my guinea pig will have her babys?
Q: I don’t know how far gone she is bit shes very big and eating loads and i can see the babys moving inside her tummy. Shes been very tierd this week, what are the signs that she will be delivering soon, and what is the average amount of babys she might have?
A: A guinea pigs gestation period is usually 72 days, they come into season every 18 days…. but im guessing that your female(sow) lives with another probably male(boar) so its hard to tell when she got pregnant….. in my experiance once you can see and feel the babies your looking at around 4-7 days.12 tops. Signs to watch for:- Nesting- you GP will go off her food and dig up an area and make cosy and private.The babies will become less active in the belly.She will probably give birth during the night because its quiet and she wont be disrturb.The usual litter size is 4-6 and they are born with there eyes open and full of fur and running around within a couple of hours.They are also very cute…. congratulations.
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