What does dreaming of your ear mean

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To see ears in your dreams, suggest that you need to be more responsive and receptive to guidance and assistance from MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-dreaming-of-your-ear-mean ]
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What does it mean when you dream you have worms in your hair and …?
I suspect one of two possible explanations for your dreams about having worms in your hair and ears: either you have a morbid fear of worms, or someone is tickling your ears while you are asleep.
What Does it Mean when you dream someone whispering in your ear??
Maybe that person was thinking about doing it!
What does it mean to dream you are getting stung by a wasp in you…?
Some sort of bad or offensive news which symbolizes growing envy and hatred towards you. Cha Cha on!

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what does it mean when you see spiders in your dreams?
Q: Ive been having a dream for two nights now and its been about spiders…In my dream i see that im laying down trying to sleep and there are spiders crawling around my ear…thats all i rememberi know dreams mean osmething so what does this one mean?
A: It means that someone is cheating you or cheating on you. Check your bank balance first.
What does it mean if a large spider is trying to crawl into your ear?
Q: I had a dream that a large black spider was trying to crawl into my ear (left). I cant remember if I stopped it or not, but I woke up slapping my ear and whimpering LOL.
A: I get those, too; and they are very real. It’s a nightmare that comes at the very end of your sleep cycle so sometimes you will wake up while still dreaming it. The dream itself has no deeper meaning other than spiders are creepy and you probably don’t want one in your ear. Chances are there was no real spider. I found that sleeping in a hooded sweatshirt cured me of the fear that bugs would nest in my ears and hair.
what does it mean when im dreaming about someone talkin really fast in my ear and i feel like im vibrating?
Q: for the past three nights ive been dreaming that someone was talkin to me in my ear really fast and then my body feels like its vibrating
A: You may be ruminating about your current lifestyle or work environment which you perceive as being too hectic and/or chaotic.You might want to get away, but you know that you cannot.
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