What does it mean to dream of zombies

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Dreams about zombies may indicate that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people & current situations around you [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-of-zombies ]
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What does it mean to dream of zombies?
Zombies in reality or at least movie reality could mean walking dead. In dream symbol, they may mean losing control, lack of decision making ability. Seeing zombies may reflect the feeling of lack of control
Does anyone have a dream book? I always have recurring zombie dre…?
It means you have been bitten by a zombie and may be infected. All hope is lost. Just hope it’s a benign virus, and not the ‘rage’ type. Seriously… it might be symbolic of being bored, exhausted, or that you are doing something that is nu…
What do dreams about zombies mean?
you need to examine your life first. there may be something in your life relating to dream. like the dream maybe there’s something your trying to get away from – maybe a bad relationship, work, or just something that gets on your nerves. wh…

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What does it mean to dream about Zombies?
Q: I have recurring dreams about fighting zombies. They occur in several different settings, but usually happen the same way: I’m trying to protect my family – especially my younger sister – against an invasion of zombies. My husband is always safe on the AFB where he works, but I’m left on my own fighting. I always wake up when my left calf gets bitten off – usually crying. Sometimes I have two or three of these dreams in a row. Can someone help me here?I dont take medications, I dont eat before bed, and I can’t stand zombie movies. Thanks for the help though.
A: haha, yeah, i have zombie dreams too and they’re scary.so, i’m not a psychologist, or a dream analyst or anything, but i’ve spent more time than it’s worth thinking about why it is that zombies are so scary. and i’ve come up with several important elements that zombies can represent.firstly, they’re dead. they’re corrupted, rusty and rotten and maggoty, and they move towards you and try to take you in. this is viscerally very upsetting. we spend our lives in complete denial about death and decay, and so having to face it in such an up-front and non-negotiable way is very frightening. around autumn i always get the heeby jeebies about zombies… i think it’s all the dead leaves and bare trees.secondly, there’s how they mob you. mobs are terrifying, even ones made up of living people, and the confrontation of their powerful and violent collectivity with your powerlessness and individuality gives feelings of overwhelming hopelessness and loneliness and despair. Thirdly, there’s how they attack you. zombies are slow moving, but they always seem to get you, don’t they. they always come out of the shadows, or from behind you, or from your blind spot. the reason that this is so terrifying in your dreams is that we, as visual animals, KNOW subconsciously that our weakness is that what we can see ISN’T always what’s out there. So if your brain is concocting a zombie nightmare, the zombies will always get you from the shadows, or from behind you… because that’s the kind of attack that we are most vulnerable to.there is additionally, the sense of betrayal which is implicit in zombies. people we love and know and trust will “change sides” and will betray us and attack and bite and kill us, without even acknowledging even briefly the world you once shared with them, or even recognizing you! the death of relationships, and refusal to recognize that it even existed is a VERY powerful fear. Think about how betrayed lovers speak. they ask questions like “did you EVER love me? didn’t our time together mean ANYTHING?” when you’re attacked by the zombies of people you know, you ask the same thing. scary. Finally, there’s an oppressive tension in a world full of zombies. there’s no home, nowhere safe, nowhere to rest and dream peacefully. No other monster movies really capture this tension as well as zombie movies do… so yeah, spreading corruption, fear of an overwhelming and oppressive mob, attacking us in ways in which terrify us the most, and the death of love, and the atmosphere of tension. zombies can be scary for a lot of reasons. also, biting is kind of scary. if you’re having lots and lots of zombie dreams, it could mean a bunch of different things. you might be worried or anxious about something in real life which shares a common element with the zombie dream. or it could be something else. I got a lot of zombie dreams when i was on this one antibiotic once, and i also discovered that i have zombie dreams when i sleep near a heater and my mattress is too hot. so it might be chemical or environment causing nightmares, and the nightmares might just be zombie nightmares because they scare the crap out of you and that’s what nightmares do.so before you go psychoanalyzing yourself, look around and see if there’s an external element causing your nightmares. good luck.(oh hey, as i was writing this i realized… don’t you think that zombies would smell really bad? you could probably tell when one was sneaking up behind you by the smell… so don’t get scared. if you can’t smell them, it’s just a dream! hahaha!)
What does it mean to dream of zombies?
Q: i just want to know the meaning. dont tell me its just a dream.
A: Zombies in reality or at least movie reality could mean walking dead.In dream symbol, they may mean losing control, lack of decision making ability.Seeing zombies may reflect the feeling of lack of control
What does my dreams mean, when I dream about; Hitler, Zombies and Demonically Possession people?
Q: I dream about Hitler, flesh eating zombies and demonically possession people. A demonically possessed girl was telling me Hitler was raising. He appeared, floating and glowing black while a zombie army was rising to do his bidding.
A: Either you have seen too much of those movies or it could mean..You are troubled by your own guilt and you may have guilt conscience around you. Dreaming of zoombies or demoncially posession people could mean that you feel trapped with something bad thing in your life. Your projected that because in reality, you may have done something that you should not have done.
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