What is it called when your in love with everything

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I can’t find a word for being in love with everything. Perhaps we should make one…universophilia. What do you think? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-called-when-your-in-love-with-everything ]
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Was the song at the very end of Richard Pryor’s Bustin’ Loose cal…?
It’s simply called “The Children’s Song” and it is on the soundtrack album, released on MCA Records …

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When you call out another girls name during love making with your wife?
Q: I was making passionate love to my wife and everything was great until I said “Oh Sherry”.All hell broke loose. She pushed me off and jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door hollering who in the hell is Sherry.Did I do something wrong? I told her I was just thinking about the song from Steve Perry called “Oh Sherry”.She didn’t buy that story. Need help here?
A: Well was Sherry at least worth it?
What is your favorite pet, do you feel the endorphins when you love your pet?
Q: Endorphins is a chemical that gives you a feeling of well being. I love my Lab/German Shephard, she is like our child. She listens to everything we have to say, even when you don’t think she is listening. She performs with her squeeky ball, throwing it around and getting it herself. We had not had a dog for 21 yrs, so this was an experience we had forgotten about. We know now that this is what we had been missing, since we are empty nesters. Just wondered if you got the same feeling, and what kind of you had? Pets can become almost human, I think. I was amazed. I cannot be without her now. I take her in the car every evening, and she puts her head out the window and flies, her ears stick out in the air. What about you? The dog was given to us by our grandson, and could not keep her any more. She is 2 yrs old and red. She has to sleep at out feet on the bed. . She is really a loving spirit, my husband calls her our “Granddogger”.
A: Yes, I have a border collie, she is 11 now, but she is a great companion, so loyal and so trustworthy. I have a yellow canary too, and he just loves the attention, and shows off. He also sings beautifully. His name is Charlie. Having pets around help us relax (as long as they are well behaved of course), and stroking a cat or a dog for instance, can actually help to bring down high blood pressure. I am so thankful for my pets.
It’s called “Your Everything” Please tell me what you think?
Q: Your touch, Your smile,The way you make me feelYour skin, Your hairTell me are you realYour smell, your laughYou touch me oh so deepYour talk, your walkThe peaceful way you sleepYour gentle words, your beautiful eyesMy heart just skipped a beatJust the very thought of youmakes all of me go weakYour very name rolling off my tongueHas such a melodious ringSo here’s a loving reminderThat i love your everything
A: It’s lovely.Nice work:)
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