What is the best way to boost your confidence

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Try The Anchor Exercise to boost your confidence: # Once you’ve got the sensation of confidence, then close your eyes and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-boost-your-confidence ]
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What is the best way to boost confidence?
Grooming The first thing that works for a confident person is his or her personal hygiene. Right from your hair, your face, your body, your fingers, and your skin — keep them clean and well maintained. If you have a body odour problem, tak…
What’s the best way to boost my confidence and lessen my anxiety??
Tips for gaining self confidence. 1. Focus on what you love. If you really enjoy something you will have the persistence and patients to work at it. Confidence often comes with experience and practice. 2. Take it step by step. Do the ground…
How To Boost Your Confidence The NLP Way
Video : With the help of Andy Austin – NLP expert – we help you to use Neuro Linguistic Programming to change the way you think about yourself, then we give you some practical steps to help you become a more confident person. . Communicatio…

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What is the best way to boost your confidence around women?
A: finally a guy seeking advice about girls!okay heres some ways you can show your confidence [your hidden confidence, since EVERYONE has confidence, but most keep it hidden] -TALK. girls like it when guys approach them. It’s easier and its more courteous. It shows girls that this guy has the confidence to come up to them and it shows them that you’re interested and want to talk to them [even if only in a friendship way]-WALK. The way a guy walk really shows a girl a little something bout them. I dont know bout anyone else, but i honestly love it when a guy walks with their shoulders back and kind of has a unique walking style or they just walk like they know they’re a studdd. that’s hella hot. So if ur walking like a shy kid or a kid with no confidence, try working on that. and think of it this way-you know you’d like a girl that shakes her hips and booty when she walks around. and has her chest out and stuff, rather than a girl who hides it all. get it?-Smiling. Just try smiling at a girl and usually girls melt at the sight of a guy’s smile at them. It’s nice. but dont make it a creeper status thing. Smile if the girl knows you or if u guys meet eyes and she doesnt turn away too fast. The smile will show confidence.-Look at people in the eye. Thats a GREAT way of boosting confidence. Because it will show that you arent afraid to talk to people.and the rest of boosting comes from knowing and tell yourself that you’re a great person and you know that you will contribute great things to this world.affirmations are awesome. and know this little thing-girls are super shy too, and girls appreciate any nice thing a guy does to them. Chivalry is key!good luck m’dear.you already sound like a great guy for asking this question!its nice when guys are concerned bout things!
What is the best way to boost your self confidence and be less self-conciece?
Q: Please keep it kind of cheap!
A: volunteering is good way but it won’t help if you do not have good self image.I am going to give you a simple tip by Maxwell maltz.Maxwell maltz used to be cosmetic surgeon who noticed that his patients even after undergoing surgery doesn’t feel good about their body. He researched and found out these people didn’t had good self image. Whenever they think of themselves, they’ll see the old, ugly kind…You’ll become what you feel or how you think… like they say you better watch out what you say, it might become truth.This technique is by Dr Maxwell… Its called Visualization. You should visualize on daily basis. Visualize how you want to be. Visual the kind of person you want to be and see(and feel) yourself changing into that kind of person.You need to visualize in vivid detail. its like experiencing a reality in visualization.
whats the best way too boost your confidence ?
Q: im goin to a party in about a week i have a nice new dress and shoes but the thing is i dont have enough confidence and i think i will spend my whole time worriing what i look like!Please Please help x
A: Go to the hair dresser and let them do your hair… I don’t go there often myself but definetly feel so much more confident after… It’s the feeling you get…
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