What is the best way to stop a bully

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Best way to deal with a bully is to just ignore them! Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-stop-a-bully ]
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What’s the best way to stop a bully?
First of all, do not overreact… It’s understandable to be upset, but try not to let your child see that, because he or she might interpret it as you are being upset with him or her. Listen to and assure your child that he or she did the…
Is ignoring the bully the best way to get him to leave me alone??
My son had a bully last year and the beginning of this year same person This boy started only saying rude, snide remarks to my son….was worse when his friends was around…later on started throwing stuff at him chips, sunflower seeds etc….
Do you think that the Anti-Bullying Network is the best way to ta…?
“The Anti-Bullying Network is doing some sterling work in supporting schools and authorities to share good practice. Today’s conference is a good example. It also provides training and consultancy services to support schools and local …

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Best way to stop a bully?
Q: I’m having a problem with this one punk.Hes being a complete you-know-what about something that doesn’t even involve him to me.Every time I see him he tries to pull the macho better-then-everyone else routine, and its getting very tiring. He’s already tried attacking me before, but didn’t get very far.My dad eve said that if he tries anyhting again, HES going ot hunt him down and break every bone in his body. I believe he can do it, and I can’t, becausre this guy is a lot tougher then I am.I would have already at least attempted to fight him back, but Im scared about it because he has gang connections, habitual criminal, and a druggie. He’s in THAT group of people.Im not. I go to church when I can if my work schedule doesnt conflict with it. I try not to degrade others. I dont even swear if I don’t REALLY have to.Because of all this I can’t go to the police about it, because that would just make it come out worse.Am I doomed to have to deal with this forever?
A: Go for the shins, mid section, eyes, nose and throat just start swinging and don’t stop till someone breaks it up and act crazy. No one likes to mess with someone who’s crazy. Don’t worry about his size he is human; all you have to do is make him bleed and he will never mess with you again. If you don’t stand up for yourself you will never get respect. Block out your fear and do what needs to be done.
In Mafia Wars, what’s the best way to get a bully with a bigger family to stop robbing you?
Q: Is there any other way to get revenge other than putting him on the hitlist, which is such a small penalty anyhow? It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Shouldn’t getting killed be worse than getting repeatedly robbed?
A: if its the same person robbing you and hes on a way higher level you can report him. if its a different person every time there’s nothing you can do about it, raise your stats by doing god father surveys and mastering job tiers.
What is the best way to stop a bully?
A: It all depends on this factors : How old are you?How old is he or she?where ?When?How ?After this factors, there is always a way to do it.
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