What do really morbid dreams mean

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It could mean any number of things, but more than likely it is built up regression. It could be deep-seeded or just from that day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-really-morbid-dreams-mean ]
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Is this death really you? Do these dreams have any meaning??
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What does my morbid dream mean?
Q: I don’t follow dream interpretations, but I’d like to know if anyone has an interesting interpretation of some of mine. For now, I’ll share one:The night of my birthday (recently), I dreamt that I surgically removed my own brain “for the hell of it.” I did it casually, like it was something I’d been wanting to do for some time. I set aside my brain for a while and forgot about it until I accidentally sat on my brain and then squissshhhh. What’s funny is that I still had some cognitive process going on even without the brain, but after I sat on it, I felt this impending doom over the fact that I could never use that brain again and will be permanently retarded.So… interpretations, anyone?
A: the real and only interpretation you can do it.. according in what it means to you.For example, ask yourself why would you think your brain will need to be removed?? what other thoughts were on your mind so you could forget you had to put it back??with the information given I only can say that there is some stuff present on your mind that could be stressing you or distracting your thoughts in something you dont want to be thinking about and you want to forget or reprogram your mind cause you are afraid of dealing with them, though deap inside you know you have no choice and you will have to face them one day or it might be to late.just interpretation..
What does is mean when a non-violent person has morbid dreams in which he kills others?
Q: What does it mean when my boyfriend constantly has dreams aboutmurder/deadly assault usually with the form of some sort of blades?For example, last week he told me he had a dream that a homelessperson was biting his foot, and he stabbed the man in the back twicewith a knife. Last night he had a dream where his best friend wasbeing stabbed in the shoulder, and to save him, he took a blade theshape of a semi-circle with large teeth on the knife and severed theman’s throat who was stabbing his best friend, and actually beheadedthe man. He is a normal person, non-violent for the most part, sowhat does this mean that he constantly has murderous dreams?
A: Unfortunately, dream analysis isn’t exactly a proven field. It could mean that he has some source of anger that he hasn’t coped with (and may not even be aware of). In both of the dreams you mention, it seems like he’s defending himself or a friend, so maybe he’s just subconsciously afraid that he’ll accidentally hurt somebody while trying to do something good. It’s hard to say for sure without knowing a lot more about his life. If it worries him, he might consider seeking out some counseling so that he can build up a relationship with someone qualified to assess such things.
Does anyone have any ideas to what these crazy dreams mean?
Q: I had a few dreams last night that were pretty horrible.The first was a murder scene.. a young girl that got murdered in a really horrible way (can’t exactly remember how). I think her dad did it though, or someone in her family. I don’t know if I was watching it on tv or if I was there though. But then next thing I know, my boyfriend is cooking her bones and her skull. (Creepy, I know!) Then i’m in a house that is haunted..I think haunted by her. I see her blacked out face in the windows and mirrors, and its really creepy.Then I woke up to go to the bathroom, and go back to sleep.Still the creepiness continues..I dream about the same type of haunted house..except my 2 1/2 yr old neice is haunting it. (My neice is alive) And in my dream I don’t remember her dying. Im really confused but everyone else knew she died. I was crying really hard and so sad she was gone. At one point of the dream though, I could see her (even though she was a ghost), but my boyfriend could not. I kept saying “Can you see her too?? Shes right here!” But he still could not see her. Then I remember thinking “Am I dead too, is that why I can see her?” I actually remember checking my pulse in my dream and it was slow and barely beating. But I dont know if that has any significance with the dream.I didn’t watch anything scary before bed.. I just cant imagine ..1) what these dreams could mean2) why I had so many morbid dreams last night
A: I think your dreams will make a good movie Just one of those dream things
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