What is the fear of gays

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The fear of gay people and homosexuality is called homophobia. It’s also the dislike of gay people; or violence towards gays. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-gays ]
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Why churches fear gay marriage ] [Read more letters about this a…?
In Quebec Canada, no religious body can provide a legal marriage – only whatever religious ceremony they want. All people (this includes gays) get married by a civil servant (or someone who has applied for a one-off officiant status because…
Why churches fear gay marriage
The crusade for Proposition 8 was fueled by the broken American family, explains gay Catholic author Richard Rodriguez. By Jeanne Carstensen November 25, 2008
Do gays in Malaysia live in fear?
The following is an excerpt from “Taking Stock” in which organisers of Seksualiti Merdeka Pang Khee Teik and Jerome Kugan were interviewed by Melody Song from The Edge Malaysia shortly after the second annual sexuality rights fes…

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Why do a lot of Straight People think that Homophobia means “a Fear of Gays” as in the individual person?
Q: Isn’t the “irrational fear” more from the situation and not of the actual person or individual?For example, a lot of Straight Men will not hangout with a Gay Man, not because he fears him or dislikes him, but he “Fears” that other Straight Men (like his buddies” will think he is Gay….or a Straight Man, while he doesn’t physically fear a particular Gay Man, but he might “Fear” that a Gay Man might look at him if they were both in the same public communal showers at the same time….or the absolute worst one, a Straight Man doesn’t want to be around a Gay Man because he “Fears” he might get the Gay Cooties from him, and then will become Gay himself.
A: Sexual Attraction is a very deep subject for some people, especially if it’s something they have never experienced before (straight man being hit on by a gay man) so as you said it isn’t necessarily that they are “afraid” of the gay person, just the feelings that may come out of it. Whether it be contempt, awkwardness, or attraction. It is also my firm belief that the way homosexuals are portrayed in popular media has alot to do with how people feel about them. Queer as Folk, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Gay Parades etc, I could go on all day. This type of media furthers the various stereotypes about homosexuals as being sexually promiscuous and materialistic. Naturally, if a person hasn’t been exposed to much homosexuality, they are going to have nothing else to go on except the media I listed. Another bad problem is the “sass” issue that homosexual men sometimes use. Straight, heterosexual men do NOT like sarcastic, feminine comments from other men, and will become immediately threatened when they sense someone is giving them this type of lip. That’s just my two cents, as a homosexual myself.
Gays: Do you ever fear the thoughts of being rejected by a size queen?
Q: Like, even if they had a kick-butt personality and they liked you in return, only then to find out they’re a size queen and you’re not as big as they wanted? BQ: Are you THE dancing queen?
A: you have NO idea.every time I would get with someone new, that was my biggest concern. I feared (and still do a bit) of someone laughing at my….*cough*…manhood.personally, i don’t think i am as….*cough*…endowed as some think.BQ: no….well…..sometimes
What percentage of former gays transitioned due to religious fear?
Q: Well I couldn’t imagine any doing it of their own free choice… unless they were merely bisexual and decided one way or the other.
A: Somehow I think Dave is joking…. lol.I also think the concept of “transition” is nonsense and people who claim to have done so know it’s a lie but fear to admit so because of the opinions of some over zealous religious bigots.Then that’s just my opinion.
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