What is type 2 personality

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Enneagram Personality Type 2: The Giver. They want to be appealing, giving, caring and heartfelt. Want to be needed & appreciated. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-type-2-personality ]
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As we discussed last week, we all react and respond according to our own dominant personality style. Consequently, you should know yourself better than others do, and know others better than they know themselves. Now let’s talk about the se…
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Are Mammies type TWO personalities?
What a type TWO personality? Someone who loves to give and give and give. They can be very unselfish, to a fault. To them giving is what they thrive for. Seeing how other personality types give so little is bewildering to a TWO. The not so…

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I am a type 2 Personality (Helper) and ENFJ. But wait theres a bad side!?
Q: So I am type two personality and ENFJ which bolth have character types of controlling and manipulating YIKES! Which I am aware I tend to be bolth :(. I need to find books about these things and possibly helping me to stop these bad habbits. Thanks God Bless
A: Hi! My mum is like that. She’s a great person, but she can get upset – often over something that me and my brothers don’t really understand – she just ‘takes’ things that aren’t good for her (tiredenss, doing housework by herself without asking for help, cleaning up after someone etc) and eventually all these things pile up and she explodes. When she yells at us, she uses overly harsh words attacking our character to make us feel sorry for her – like ‘selfish’ or ‘useless’, even if we’re not usually selfish etc. And we can never say anything back to her, she won’t listen, it’ll just make it worst. Instead of making me feel sorry for her, I just feel really resentful and angry. She tries to manipulate us into thinking we’re bad and into feeling really sorry for her, by telling us over and over again how much we’ve hurt her. It is a childish way of ‘disciplining’, because she uses manipulation and lets her emotions control her speech/actions. I think my Mum feels a lack of control over us. She feels like she has no choice but to resort to manipulating us, making us feel sorry for her – because just saying ‘no’ (etc) won’t work. My dad is different, he expects (but doesn’t always get) obedience and we can tell this from the way he speaks.I much prefer my dad’s way of ‘disciplining’ and getting mad – he just says it once, he doesn’t go on and on, I know he’s angry and upset because of his voice tone, but I know he’ll let it go and get on with life, and he listens to me and doesn’t tear down my character (he doesn’t say ‘you’re selfish’. Instead he’ll say ‘That was a selfish thing to do, I know you didn’t mean it, but…’ or something). When dad does this, I feel sorry and I feel like I’ve let him down – I don’t get upset and angry.My advice: be aware of situations where you manipulate and control. Ask for your husband/wife and kids, and people close to you, to honestly let you know when you are being manipulating or controlling. When you are being like that, and are aware of it, pause, apologise (even if you don’t feel like it) and carry on without being like that – OR have time out, and come back to the problem/issue later when you can stop yourself being controlling or manipulating.
what type of personality do yew have 2 have 2 have short hair?
Q: i told my friend that i was gunna get short hair but i changed my mind but my friend said “it would look cute but u dont have the personality to have short hair”so ive been wondering what type of personality is it 2 have short hair?yes i no u dont “HAVE” 2 have certain personality 4 short but she said it would look CUTE ON ME BUT IT DIDNT FIT MY PERSONALITY
A: i used to have long hair, but i cut it short. people told me it matched my personality (go figure).so, going on that basis, people also tell me i’m mature and reasonable. to me, having short hair is more of a statement then long hair (since it is a bit tricky to pull off sometimes) you have to be really confident with your hair. (i guess that applies to all hair lengths as well).hope i helped =]]
If some one had a personality disorders type f60.2, and was discharged from the military, what should happen?
Q: I mean to say what course of action would be put into motion if he had a personality disorders type f60.2, would he be put in to a special mental health hospital with immediate effect, would he be a danger to society? and if he had such an illness would he have been able to join the military in the first place? and if he had such an illness what treatment would he have to have? and would he respond to antidepressants? how sick would he be if he had a personality disorders type f60.2 ?DCR-10 Criteriais the person a danger to society
A: Page 159 at this sitehttp://www.who.int/classifications/icd/en/bluebook.pdf
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