What was your scariest dream about

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The scariest dream I have ever had was where a clown killed me and my whole family. Even my dog! It was awful. What was yours? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-your-scariest-dream-about ]
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What was your scariest dream?
This is what happened in my most scariest dream: I was laying down in my bed asleep(I was asleep in my dream) and I woke up. And the way my room is set up, the first thing I see is a reflection of myself in my tv. Well I woke up and i saw m…
What is the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
Hi,eszbonna. Most of the dreams I have is forgoten by this or that reason. The only scare dream I remember is happening about a month ago. When I open my eyss, I find I lost in a unknown place. I begin to worry about how to go home. After s…
Do you ever have scary dreams about Silent Hill?
Not really. However, one of my staff members told me that he had a dream where he was sleeping while he had somebody’s hand in his chest. “That is your wish” — I told him so.

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what was your scariest dream ever? can it include a doll coming to life or something scary like that?
Q: wel, i love hearing peoples scary dreams. i love getting scared:) u can make one up to! i hate having the dreams when a doll or some coms alife. it gets creepy lokking and chases me or someting? it threatens to kill my family then me. dolls creep me out in the dark or any were actually. thats why i get scared=? please tell me the scariest dream ever? thx!
A: i have had a creepy dream with a doll coming to life trying to kill me and my family, but mainly trying to kill me :/ rude, much? LOL :)alright, well, when i was little i use to have a life sized doll. i was about 6 or 7 and the doll was bigger than me, lol ;p which made it even scarier. i didn’t ever play with the doll, i always left it in the corner, and stared at it at night. i even slept with my brothers, that’s how scared i was of it. and i could stare at it for hours and never fall asleep. creepy.so in my dream, i was in my room and my mom was talking on the phone, and we were both sitting on my brothers bed for some reason. out of a corner, the doll came and started saying it was mad at me. it was trying to hit me, so i punched it and started swearing at it. so i ran out of the room, and my family just stared and watched. i got a knife and i think i killed it, but luckily i woke up. my heart was pounding. it was CREEPY. ):
What is your weirdest/coolest/scariest/funniest dream you’ve ever had?
Q: I am doing a project for psychology, and I need ANY dreams from strangers and try to interpret them. If you don’t mind sharing some of your dreams, it is much appreciated. ANY dream goes. Reoccurring, weird, cool, scary, funny, normal, future predictions….ANYTHING. Thanks!
A: My dream is scary! And really weird and confusing, so good luck interpreting it! Something “bad” will happen, I can’t remember what but its always something “bad”. I will always think to defend myself and call 911 for help. I am running away as fast as I can but I keep falling, and every time I dial 911 the number on my cell phone will always dial a random number. My dreams feel real at this point because I feel a desperation to call for help but whenever I press 9-1-1 the call will never work out. For some reason I am sometimes able to stop my dream (kind of like that movie The Cell where the lady can opt out whenever she wants) before something horrible happens but other times I will fall or get hurt and the pain feels shockingly real. Yes, I seem to feel pain in my dreams, if that is even possible. 🙂
Tell me what your scariest dream is or if you encountered something with a ghost or went to a spiritualist?
Q: tell me you scariest dream or if you encountered something with a ghost or went to a spiritualist if you went tell me what they said.
A: My wife, and I believe we live in a haunted house. My wife came home one night from work. Usually our dogs greet her at the door. However when she opened the door, our dogs we in the middle of our living room, sitting beside a tall dark figure that seemed to be petting them. When she startled the figure disappeared, and the dogs came to meet her. This is one of the scary things that has happened in our home.
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