What would help me have a good dream in my sleep

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A dream catcher! or happy thoughts! good luck. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-help-me-have-a-good-dream-in-my-sleep ]
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Does better sleep help you to remember dreams?
do you remember that dream you had about someone railing your mom, and it wasn’t your dad? well it wasnt a dream, it was me. stick that in your nose and sniff it, your mom did

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Do humans really need to dream, when they sleep? What would happen if we only slept, without dreaming?
Q: We all need to sleep, but are there detrimental effects if we don’t dream (for prolonged periods of time)?
A: yea some dreams have been pissing me off really bad too 🙁 i was very sick in my dream last night that supposedly i was gonna die in a short time, when i woke up i felt like crap and i still do
Is it out of the ordinary to dream all night long to the point where it keeps you from getting a good sleep?
Q: Lately, I’ve been sleeping terribly. I dream constantly and I feel like my mind never actually gets to sleep at night.Once I have a dream, i’ll wake up, move around, then go back to sleep and dream again. Is this normal or is there something I can do to fix this problem. It’s causing me to be extremely tired during the day.
A: I dont often say this but I LOVE diana’s answer. If you do those things and even not the medication you will feel better. Slow down your caffeine intake late at night, drink some camomile tea or believe it or not some warm milk and you will sleep better. Do not eat chocolate or caffeine after 4pm. Meditation, journaling, yoga, chiroprator, massage are all great things.Good answer Diana,I remain just,Your assistant
If u could sleep with person u have fantasised about would it still be as good as the dream?
A: Probably not because your dream you make it exactly how you want it and real life is not like that.
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