Why are dreams always weird

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Dreams are the result of our subconscious, and can have many meanings, but most often they are about our fears and desires. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-dreams-always-weird ]
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Why do i always have weird dreams?
no, i was told that dreams have to do with what you were thinking about right before you fall asleep. But I believe that your mind is just freely roaming and you create scenerios that could or couldn’t happen. So it doesn’t have to do with …
What if your dreams are ALWAYS insanely weird??
It probably means you are quitecreative and have an awesome imagination/ awesome thoughts
How can u get good dreams? i always have weird scary dreams? plzz…?
Dreams come about from your innerself.Normally what the mind cant settle during the day.It will go to the subconcsious level during the night,when your minds supposed to be relaxing.However,not the entire brain shutsdown during this period,…

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Is there a reason why I always have REALLY WEIRD dreams?
Q: My dreams are always really detailed, and i can remember them really well. But they always include people I haven’t seen in years, or even ever met before. But the plots are always really random and weird. Is there a reason that I dream weird dreams almost every night???
A: it means that you may have unresolved issues with the person or that they may have a part in you future.
Why am I always having weird dreams?
Q: Okay my weird dreams aren’t just, sudden it’s been happening my whole life, or at lease as long as I can remember. I always have weird dreams, like one dream I drank some grape juice and I jump off something, and then I floatedAnother one was like I was flying on a broomstick and I saw some really big, something like a hot air balloon.And they are just so weird. I don’t think it would matter about those two but I always wanted to fly, without a helicoptor or airplane.Why am I having weird dreams? what do they mean? and also I only have chocolate milk before bed
A: You think your dreams are weird? *Everybody* thinks their own dreams are weird. Stick around here and read other people’s dreams for a few weeks, then tell me your dreams are weird. And count how many questions on any given day with the word “weird” in them. Make sure to be here on a full moon, it gets *really* interesting then!Dreams of flying can express freedom, a release of tension, an overview, a higher perspective. Like the witchy broomstick dream, muhahaha…. floating also seems to represent a release of tension, acceptance of a situation, going with the flow… But really, seriously, check out the dreams posted around a full moon, I’m serious! 🙂
Why am I always having “weird” space dreams?
Q: Ever since I can remember, I often have dreams involving abstract sequences of space. Either I’m on Earth and the night sky is vivid with LARGE planets and colors and stars (like so close to Earth you can see their detail) or I’m actually in space on some type of adventure.I usually see Jupiter.
A: To dream of outer space, represents your creativity. It may also indicate that something or someone has just came out of nowhere.To see a planet in your dream, signifies creativity, exploration, and new adventures. You may be trying to align yourself with untapped energies that you never knew you had. Do you remember seeing a certain planet in your dream? It may add signifigance.To see Jupiter in your dream, symbolizes creativity, energy, success, optimism, generosity, pleasure and extravagance. The dream may indicate your need to exhibit some of these qualities in your waking life. Best of luck. Hope this helped.
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