Why are people so depressed

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Certain people with depressive disorder, especially bipolar depression (manic depression), seem to have an inherited it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-people-so-depressed ]
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Why are most people so depressed?
Because after you become an adult, you realize life is difficult. Responsibilities begin to pile up and if you’re not properly prepared for them, things get tough. A lot of people chose to ignore their responsibilities and then they get dep…
WHY are so many people depressed?
Society is changing in ways that benefit society as a whole at the expense of the individual. A good example would be the i-phones (gadget of the week). Do we really need to be able to see what the menu is in some restaurant on the other …
How do people become so depressed in life?
they think that god give them less than others.they dont give thanks to god whatever they got.5

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Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others?
Q: Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others. I’ve known a few people who are depressed that take anti-depresants. One of them takes pain killers for recreation purposes. I’ve noticed they like to be crude to other people and not treat others right. Why is this?I don’t mean to say that all depressed people are like this, I’ve noticed this behavior with the people that I’ve encountered.
A: Misery loves company.
Why people eat icecream when they are depressed?
Q: Have you realized that in many movies when people arrive to their homes at night and they fell bad, stressed or depressed they head to the refrigerator to eat icecream? Why is that?Why they do it?
A: cause its better than smoking or drinking. and it bring back memories of good times and innocence and happiness though the taste buds.
why do people get depressed during the holidays?
Q: i understand why i get depressed. i live alone and i have no family so my holidays are spent by myself for 6 years now. i don’t understand why people who are surrounded by family get depressed. they should be rejoicing in the love of their family.
A: I agree, I love the holidays’ but my mother has always hated them. she says that she get’s stressed cause she feels like she has to buy everyone something and she doesn’t have enough money, but I think it’s about family and being around those that you love
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