Why are teenagers lazy

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A teenager can be lazy because they are gaining independence without a realistic sense of responsibility because they live at home [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-teenagers-lazy ]
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Are all teenagers lazy?
Good work on trying to breed stereotypes. When I was younger I went to school with many teenagers who worked on farms, and would put in 6 hours of work a day during school days, and would work the entire weekend on the farm on days off. The…
What other activies for lazy teenagers outside?
First of all where do they sleep? get them a lap top.
Should Yahoo be a homework service for lazy teenagers?
I think that teens should only ask questions if they REALLY need help. Now not all teens are going to do that, but what i do is when i’m stumped on a question, i will ask for help, but i never ask to “cheat” but to find the info i…

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why are there so many lazy teenagers on our streets?
Q: they get drunk all the time, take drugs, and go around mugging innocent people, and using knifes, guns etc: pretty sad isn’t it…what can people do to stop all thisI didn’t say all teenagers…:)Danelle, it is not fun when it becomes a problem to other people, have some respect.
A: They’ve got too much money and too much freedom. My parents used to go nuts when I wasn’t home before 10pm. Now they don’t seem to care so much what their kids are getting up to. They’re out roaming the streets at weird hours in their little gangs thinking they’re all that and a bag of chips. More doctors have been reporting signs of alcohol-related brain damage and liver disease in teenagers. It’s pretty sad. :-/
why are teenagers so lazy to clean their room?
Q: i have 2 teenagers and it seems they love to live in a pigpen and i cant understand how they can find thier things there too but they do!….
A: It isnt a priority to clean our room. I’m 17 n my room is so messy! But I know where EVERYTHING is… When I clean it, I cant find a thing…
why are so many teenagers lazy and lacking exercise?
A: Because we (parents and society) make life too easy for them.
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