Why are teenagers so stupid

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After puberty, most kids think they are already adults ready to face the world. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-teenagers-so-stupid ]
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Were you ever a teenager? Teens aren’t stupid, the person calling them that is, however. Teens haven’t had enough life experience, praise God for them to know oh so many things, they still have a fresh, innocent perspective in life that is…
They are often not stupid just inexperienced and self absorbed.. The latter being something they cannot help. Psychology tests have shown that during this stage adolescents for example have little empathy for others and a high degree of the…
Because they are rebellious, they wished that they could be right for once, and that people would LET them make mistakes, the older people, the parents, teacher, aunts and uncles use the excuse ” We had to learn the hard way, were just…

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why do all the stupid teenagers come in here and want us to tell them how to start a relationship?
Q: They do not listen to thier parents so what can we do for them ? I think a lot of them ask questions here and basically do what they want to anyway. they are so in love with someone one day and the next they are ready to feed them to a wild pack of dogs . They are too fickle to be told what to do because they do not listen . Hello!
A: Ya, sounds like immaturity to me. But a lot of times their asking things their to embarrassed to speak to friends or parents. Sometimes they need to hear it from others before they will listen to parent, once they hear the backup from someone who doesn’t know their parents they it kind of sinks in or is more believable. Besides there’s some pretty crappy so called parents out there, who haven’t the time, can’t be bothered, are too busy, etc. I also feel it’s better they start here than just jump into something blindfolded and head first. Then of course haven’t you ever heard, it’s smart ppl that ask questions not dumb ppl. Listen or not, better they should ask, besides that way we get to say “told you so”.
Why are so many celebrities acting like stupid teenagers at the moment?
Q: Carol ThatcherJeremy ClarksonJonathan Rossetc etc. Should they not have left this sort of behaviour behind in high school.I should have put British celebs as it appears that our American friends have not been subjected to these people (lucky them)
A: who are those people?…
Why are so many teenagers stupid enough to believe and emulate what they see on TV?
Q: I’m 20 so now I can officially insult teenagers. HAHAHA.
A: they have no real rolemodels in life. if you come from a strong family background, you are not a follower or emulater.
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