Why do humans think about thinking

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Humans have a desire to learn and this desire is what keeps us questioning everything. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-humans-think-about-thinking ]
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How Humans Think
Human thinking processes are both sophisticated and notoriously error prone. Humans don’t think about the world. They think about their representations of the world. For example, if your car engine doesn’t start, your brain’s thinking and r…
Do Dogs Think Like Humans?
I often wonder if I do disservice to my dogs, for thinking about them in human terms. When I’m in a training situation, it’s easy to think in doggie terms. I am actively participating in communicating with my dogs, and I get instant feedbac…
Why humans can think?
Thinking is being aware of one’s surroundings, noticing the consistencies and acting on them to improve one’s situation. Animals do that to. It can be done because biological sensors are integrated into and provide information to the energy…

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Why is it easier for humans to think about negative past experiences as supposed to positive ones?
Q: Ex. you are a regular at a local restaurant, after dining there 15 times and receive excellent service, the 16th time the service/food is not as great. Before returning for 17th time we stop and think about that ONE bad experience and not once do we think about the good 15 times.
A: ConsultationsWhy Do We Remember Bad Things?By Laura Blue Monday, Jun. 23, 2008People watch the World Trade Center burn after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.You remember where you were on the morning of 9/11, but you have no recollection of what you had for lunch last Thursday. We process memory in order to solve problems. And things we should learn from, things that are particularly important or that have strong emotions tied to them, may be things that are going to be important in the future. If you present stimuli with a strong negative emotional component, the memories do seem to be more easily retrieved than neutral stimuli or even those that are somewhat positive, for example happy faces versus angry faces.One main question is whether or not we really “stamp in” important events just by making them emotionally charged, whether we lay down the memories in a form that’s somehow stronger. It could be that they’re simply more accessible, that there are more “hooks” into the memory that make it easier to retrieve.There’s evidence on both sides. The systems that are involved in adding emotional content include a brain structure called the amygdala, which gets activated when we experience strong emotions, particularly negative emotions, and it does influence memory systems — in particular, a structure known as the hippocampus. So there’s opportunity there to influence how strongly memories get laid down. But the hippocampus is involved in both the storage as well as the retrieval of memory. Things that are emotionally charged may simply be memories that are more likely to be accessed or used.
Why humans always think about love and sex?
Q: Cant anyone of us survive without ever wanting to feel loved or wanting to “tap that”? Damn man it gets on my nerves.
A: Yes, if you don’t fall for peer pressure and you have enough self-control. My girlfriend and I have remained virgins for the two years we dated and we both know that the idea of sex is just something overrated by everyone else and by the hormones running through our head. We’d rather stick to the life we’re enjoying right now rather then ruin it by some stupid peer pressure.UPDATE* WOW, I must have some biological problem to be the only one who thinks sex is just something that you can live without. Call me old-fashioned but I would think the mind pictures sex more pleasurable than it actually is.
Why do we as humans care about what others think?
Q: Especially me because im 19Its affecting my everyday day life on making decisionsSorry I really cant elaborate more then I usually do just email me at [email protected] if you want to contact me and help me break this damn curse on my life!!!!Oh andIf you do/dont care about what others think why are you the way you are influences/experiences/personal?
A: Its human nature. Everybody cares what people think. Some care more than others. I used to be so caught up in what people thought. I didn’t even want to go out in the school hallway. I started doing mental exercises to help with that. Like looking in the mirror and saying “its ok that people don’t like me”or “they have just as many flaws”or “they’re obviously not a person i should hang out with if they judge me”try remembering that its better to be hated for yourself,than loved for something your not. hope this helped:)
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