Why do I have dreams about my ex every night

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A dream about an ex can mean that you have unfinished business with him. It may also mean you may want him back, in some way. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-dreams-about-my-ex-every-night ]
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Why do I dream about my ex every night?
You are dreaming about him because it is unfinished business. It is not a message from God but from your subconscious. You have been hurt that he left you for her and your subconscious is letting you know that you are wounded. You should st…
Why Do I dream about my ex-husband EVERY NIGHT?
I also have my ex-husband with me in my dreams EVERY NIGHT! No matter what I am doing, he is there. It is exhausting to still be spending every night with him. I don’t believe that it is because I want to be with him. I think there has to b…
When i stopped talking to my ex i had dreams about him every nigh…?
this is because deep down you know that u still have feelings for him/her and yoiu should try to find out if he/her still has feelings for u

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I am married, but have dreams every night about my ex.. literally.. What does this mean?
Q: I got married a few months ago to a military boy.. He is a very great person, but lets say our marriage has been anything but smooth. I have already had issues with him and his ex of two years talking while we were married! Apparently he still contacts her.. But anyway we have been going to therapy and this has rekindled something is my past I believe. I dream of my ex EVERY night.. I feel guilty when I wake up in the morning next to my husband with my heart pounding and they won’t stop. And the dreams are very intimate and are about my ex and I being together again. Its almost like he talks to me through my dreams. Some of them are about him asking me why I got married and that he loves me still. Its not like they are fantasies, its like they are real situations. I feel like they are holding me back in marriage. I’m so lost and I have no idea what this means or what to do because this has been going on for a while.. I’m reaching out in need of help.
A: Obviously, it means you don’t love Military-Boy like you do your ex boyfriend.
Dreams about my 2 year long ex boyfriend every night… Why???
Q: We broke up a month ago.. And i feel over him. Of corse i miss him, I was with him for two years. But im not with another person (soon, i know) I dont love my ex anymore, but i dream about him every night. About him coming up to me and kissing me, telling me he loves me and wants be back. I dont even think about him in the day. I’m so confused. What does it mean?sorry…****Now with another person
A: It means whatever it makes you feel like in the dream. If you like it , it just means that is what you wanted him to do in your relationship. Since you don’t dwell on him during the day, I’d say you don’t want him back. Just wished it had worked out. It’s what you’ll want with your next guy I imagine. I still dream about my first girlfriend. But if I was single I’d take her back in a sec.
why do i have dreams every night of my ex fiance?
Q: I was engaged to a wonderful man that meant the world to me we were together for 8 months but we knew each other for 5 years. We both liked each other for a year before we started to date each other. but know we have been broken up for 2 weeks now and miss him dearly. i cry every day when i think about him. but the last two weeks since we have broken up i have been having dreams of him and we are both together and really happy together. What does the dreams mean????
A: Umm….What do you think? If there’s a chance to get back together, make it happen. Otherwise, you have to get over it. You think there’s a chance, but maybe there’s not. Be honest and like yourself.
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