Why do people get jealous? What causes it

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Jealousy, like most other emotions, is rooted internally, so a big part of the problem lies within you not as an extension MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-get-jealous%3F-what-causes-it ]
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What are the causes of jealousy in a relationship and how do you …?
It really depends on the person. Some people are more jealous than others. For a person to learn to control jealousy, it is first important to understand what underlies the irrational thinking. Frequently, an individual who is prone to je…
Does jealousy cause your report finger to get itchy??
well my finger is quite itchy, but I think that’s more of the “I ran out of friggin Valtrex pills again” itchy. You know what I mean? Don’t you HATE that kind of itchy?
Did that cause any jealousy and dissension in the group after you…?
I wanted to make the girls understand that I was still Lisa and nothing had changed. I felt it was my responsibility to make them feel comfortable.

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Why do people get jealous? What causes a person to have a jealous personality?
A: I lost a son because of a woman that was jealous of me, his own Mom! Shes also jealous of my daughter Kelly. So now my son is not aloud to see his own sister either just because she doesn’t like her. We always had a close family until a very jealous controlling woman steped in and took control of my son, and now its as though he never existed. It hurts especially when you cant even see your own grandchildren! I just hope that he gets tired of being controlled some day and we can have some kind of family fun again and visit each other.
Philosophically speaking, why are people jealous and what makes them jealous?
Q: What causes jealous and why?Just curious.
A: Rachel is pretty, and Tammy is not.But Rachel thinks that Tammy is prettier.They become friends…Tammy starts being mean for no reason over the years, Rachel doesn’t know why, and starts being a little mean back. Now Tammy is really pissed, but she just can’t figure out why either, and Rachel is quiet.Overall, I think Tammy is pissed Rachel doesn’t just share her secret, if they are that close, Rachel should give up the goods.If all of man just gave up to the person who was jealous what was theirs, this emotion would truely be about philosophy. But it’s hard because, jealousy is also about survival. The person feels threatened, if they don’t take what they see they may go nuts, they can’t seem to find a way to take what they want… so how are they going to get it, by makeing the other person feel low, sad, and that their gift wasn’t that great, perhaps if the person feels that they should just give their gift to the jealous person, they may gracefully hand it to them, but until then, the jealous person has become an inadiquate feeling seriously cranky meanie.Philosophically speaking, I think jealousy could be easily remedyed, because the person being envyed could just give up what they have, but Britney Spears would be handing out checks, and it would turn into a kind of sharing of all gifts to eachother, and the everyday man would have to see that it is the neighbor that keeps him happy not himself. Nobody wants to put themselves out there that much.I also feel that jealousy means the the person feeling it needs to slap themselves out of it, surviving became a phycosis, stop being jealous and just earn for your self what you saw the other dude had. But that would have to entail that the everyday man may acheive anything, they could kind of go out and shop for whatever in the world they truely wanted, but everyday man plays a game of dogpile, then king of the hill, the guy on top didn’t really have something inherantly great, they were just the last guy to jump on the poor little guy getting dogpiled! LOL!!
Why are people jealous of my girlfriend?
Q: my girlfriend is very beautiful and very successful in the medical field and since we’ve been dating my family doesn’t like her for whatever reason. She treats me good and is loyal to me and has made my life so much better than it ever was and my mother acts jealous of her and so do my uncles. I think my uncles are jealous cause they can’t get anyone as good as her. My family don’t even want her around so now i don’t go around my family.
A: They are jealous of her.They are prob mad because she is more prettier than them.& she has a better job. dont let the haters bring you down.fuk em
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